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2024 Veteran's Week in Branson, MO

November 9, 2024

The Redlegs Chapter will again host the Branson Veterans' Week. Hospitality Room for the 4th Infantry (IVY) Division National Association at the Hotel Grand Victoria. The Veterans Day Parade will be on Monday,11 November 2024. Arrangements have been made with the Hotel Grand Victoria at the same rate as 2023 ($111.00 plus tax), including breakfast. That rate will be available for nights beginning on 6 November and departures on 12 November2024. You are encouraged to make your reservation early to get a room on the same floor as our hospitality room. When contacting the hotel, specify you are attending with the "4th Infantry Division" group for the special rate. Hotel reservations can be made by calling 417-336-2935 or 800-324-8751. Last year, we used our full 20-room allotment, and many made their reservations for this year as they checked out of the hotel in 2023. Watch for more announcements and information on the Redlegs website https://4thidredlegs.org.

Branson Veterans Day Parade


Veterans Week in Branson, Missouri

The city of Branson is very patriotic and Veterans Week is filled with events that are dedicated to our Veterans. Many events are free to the Veteran. The week culminates with a parade through town on Veterans Day. Many Ivy Veterans march in the parade. The parade is lined with well-wishers including most of the school children from area schools. The kids offer hand written letters to the Veterans as they pass by. It is a very wonderful and moving event. We hope to see you all there.

Picture from previous gatherings

Pictures from past events

2016 Group Picture

2016 New Members

Pictures from the 2015 Event

(Above) New Member Bill Dunn, C/1-8 INF 68 / 69 signed up by Gary Powley, C/3-22 66 / 67

(Above) Gary James, HHT/1-10 CAV 69 / 70; Mick LaBorde, B/1-10 CAV 75 / 78;
Tony Rozeboom, B/1-22 67 / 68; Chuck Reedy Jr., 2/35 91 / 95

(Above) Father and son members, Chuck Jr and Chuck Sr Reedy at the 4th ID Hospitality Room in Branson, MO celebrating Veterans Week 2015.  Chuck Jr became a new Association member at the event

**** Photos from previous Events ****

2014 Hospitality Room Group Photo

Charlie Company 1/8 at Veterans Week in Branson, MO
Front row left:  Eric Czernoski, Terry Cogswell,  Van Waugh,  Dennis Wolf, Clayton Rye,  Jim Orr Back row left:  Horace Beasley, Teddy Fisher, Frank Wernet, Pat Carnes,  Steve Sheffield, Rich Dalton, Butch Mauldin, Bill Fleming, Bob Robbins, Andy Day

Pictures from the 2014 Veterans Day Parade

Above - Group picture of the 2013 gathering

Above - Ron Scantlin 3/12 C Co. with Carl Jones, Jerry Bumpus and Roger Dufek

Above - Chuck Reedy, 2/1 CAV, 4ID shaking hands with Jerry Bumpus as he signs up as new member!

Below - More new members signup at the 2013 gathering

Below - 4IDA members prepare for Branson's 2013 Veteran Day parade