Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the New Website

Click here for instructions with help with your login

If you are still having trouble with your Login or need any other assistance, use the ‘Contact Us’ link on the Home page – choose the ‘Webmaster’ or 'Executive Director' category and send your request or problem, Include your name, mailing address and chapter to expedite your request, we will respond shortly.

A procedure that works best to reset your password using your Email Address – while logging into the new website with your desktop computer, laptop, or I-Pad; use your smart phone to retrieve the six-digit verification code that will be sent to your email address and then enter it on the computer you are using to reset your password. Doing the login reset with your phone only can be tricky unless you are proficient going in and out of different functions on your phone. The new website login uses your email address, as this is an important change from the old site as we move to more digital communications with members through email. By using the code method, we verify that your email in our database is correct. If it is not, or has changed, contact Don Kelby or Rick Adams to update your info.

We transferred about 1,400 member records from the old site; anyone who was a member as of January 1, 2022 were imported into the new site database. That includes members whose dues had expired. We are anticipating these members will want to reinstate their membership after seeing the new site and are invited to establish their login credentials. And having them already on the site will prevent duplicate membership records.

When the new site launched, we sent an E-Ivy Extra to all current and former members in the database instructions on how to log in. Members are encouraged to login, set up their password, and use the features of the site. Expired members can Login, see their profile information, but will be denied access to the ‘Members Only’ portion of the site.

To Update email address or change password -Once you have logged in, click on ‘My Account ’in the Membership Menu and navigate to the 'Email & Password' tab to update your email address and password.

To Update your member profile - Once you have logged in, click on ‘My Account’ in the Membership Menu and navigate to the 'Update Profile' tab to edit your information. Make sure you keep the Executive Director advised of any changes to your contact information.

There is so much information on the new site, so please take the time to go through each page of the website and become familiar with the content. Certainly, contact the webmaster if you encounter anything that needs correcting. Visit the website often; we will keep updates coming your way.

One of the features we wanted to incorporate into the new site is Auto-Renewing Memberships, as long term this will benefit dues collection and provide an added convenience to members and help the Executive Director with dues collection. It should be noted this will take some years to transition all our membership over to this more automated process as we have members expiring out through 2029. And it should be further noted that we will still have to maintain our master membership rolls (Excel Spreadsheets that the Executive Director maintains) manually as we have many members without email and who choose to manage their membership by mailing their payment to the Executive Director. This master membership list is also how we manage our mailing lists for the Ivy Leaves and the annual Calendar project.

One issue with the Auto-Renewing feature is that it only works for memberships on an annual basis. So, we will not be able offer the 3-Year memberships on the website, but the annual Auto-Renewing feature will take away the problem of remembering to renew each year.

Annual expiring members will receive a notice from the site that their credit card will soon be charged with their new renewal fee. Members who chose not to renew can simply login and turn-off Auto-Renew. No action is required by Members who wish to continue their membership, it will Auto-Renew.

Once a member purchases an annual membership on the new site, their expiration date will be displayed in their ‘My Account’ - ‘Secure Billing Portal’.

Q: How Do Expiring Members find their Renewal /Expiration Date –

Login to your Account, then click on ‘My Account’ - Account Settings – Billings – Secure Billing Portal

The Date your plan Renews / Expires is shown in your Current Plan.

At this time, all the imported Expiring Members will not be able to see their expiration dates in their profile until they have purchased a membership plan on the new site. 
Further, they will not get a notice from the website, that will have to be done manually. To make that chore less burdensome for us, we will be sorting /assigning membership expiration dates by calendar quarters. This will allow us to send group renewal notices to only those expiring members as needed.

When a member’s dues have expired, access to the gated ‘Members Only’ content will be denied. They will still be listed in the membership directory, however.

Members who choose not to be listed in the online Membership Directory, can make that selection in their profile, and not be included in the member search field.

Since we will be using the Auto-Renewing feature for membership management, any donations made through the website will need to be done in a separate transaction.

The membership options on the website will be:

Auto-Renewing Annual Memberships
- One Year, Veteran, Memorial, and Associate Memberships ($20/yr)

- One Year, E-Ivy Veteran Digital Memberships ($15/yr)

- One Year, Active-Duty Digital Memberships ($10/Yr) all ranks

Life Membership – one time purchase for either Veterans or Active-Duty

E-Life, Digital Memberships ($125) available on the website only

PFL, Life, and E-Life members will not see any change to the way they use the website.

Renewals By Mail - Members who choose to do so can maintain their memberships by mail. After the initial 1,400 members are loaded onto the site, only members who join via the website will be able to gain access to the ‘Members Only’ content on the website. New Members who join by mail will not be able to access the ‘Members Only’ content on the website. They will still receive the Ivy Leaves and the E-Ivy Leaf Newsletters. We will not be able to add new annual expiring members to the site manually.

Contact us with any additional questions.
Thanks, Rick Adams / Don Kelby