5th Annual Meeting - Families of Battle of the Hurtgen Forest – October 2019

The 5th annual Meeting of the Sons, Daughters and Grandchildren of the American
and German veterans of the Battle of the Hurtgen Forest.

  Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019 
11.00 AM Start of the year 2019 event 
  Meeting in the Hotel “Mariaweiler Hof at Düren-Mariaweiler  
2.00 PM  Lecture (topic to be determined) 
3.30 PM  Coffee break 
4.30 PM Lecture (topic to be determined) 
  Thursday, Oct.  3, 2019 
8:30 AM Departure from the hotel 
9:00 AM Arrival in Aachen- Program for today is the Battle of Aachen in
  We follow the route of advance of the 26thInfantry from the Rothe Erde Station and along 
  the Trierer Strasse and Adalbertsteinweg, St. Joseph Church, Cemetery and the Courthouse. 
  Moderators: Rainer Monnartz, Albert Trostorf and Scott Gibson 
  Bus transfer to Hansemannplatz Square and the Hotel Quellenhof 
  (Palace Hotel) Roland Circle, Ponttor, Krefelder Strasse Roland circle.   
  Moderators: Rainer Monartz, Albert Trostorf 
12:30 PM Noon Break (Picnic) near the German Cemetery at Aachen 
1:30 PM Verlautenheide - Eilendorf - Cruzifix Hill, Ravelsberg Hill 
  Moderators: Rainer Monnartz, Albert Trostorf… 
3:00 PM Henri Chapelle US Cemetery and Memorial 
4:00 PM Remember Museum at Thimister Clermont.  Mathilde and Marcel Schmetz & Team 
7:00 PM Arrival at the Hotel at Düren 
  Friday, Oct. 4, 2019  
8:30 AM Departure from the hotel 
9:00 AM  Arrival in Schevenhütte 
  The arrival of the Americans on Sept. 16, 1944 and the early battles of the 9th Inf. Div.  
  Against the German12th Infantry Division in September / October 1944 
  Lecture by Yuri Beckers  
10:30 AM The attack of the 8th and 22nd Inf. of the 4th Inf. Div. on 16.11.1944 
  Lecture Albert Trostorf  
11:30 AM The attack of the 26th/ 1st Inf. Div on 16.11.1944 
  Lecture Albert Trostorf - Scott Gibson 
12:30 PM Noon Break 
1:30 PM The Battle for Hamich and Hill 232 
  Lecture Maurits Huibtsprechte - A. Trostorf 
2.30 pm   The battle for Bovenberg Forest and Bovenberg Farm 
  Yuri Beckers - Albert Trostorf 
3:15 PM Coffee break 
4:00 PM The battle of Frenzerburg Castle  
  Yuri Beckers - Albert Trostorf 
5:00 PM The battle for the village of Jungersdorf and the death of Corporal Johann Weiler,  
  who was killed in action in his own home while he was serving in the 3rd Parachute Division
  defend his hometown. Moderators: Albert Trostorf -  Maren Esser (grandniece of Johann Weiler) 
7:00 PM Back at the Hotel at Düren 
  Saturday Oct. 5, 2019  
8:00 AM Departure from the Hotel 
8:30 AM Arrival at Merode  
  The debacle of Merode 29.11. - 01.12.44 and the defeat of the 
  26th Infantry 
  The capture of Merode and Schlich on Dec. 11 & 12, 1944 by 
  the 39th Infantry of the 9th Infantry Division 
    Moderators: Albert Trostorf, Scott Gibson, Yuri Beckers 
10:30 AM Hof Hardt / on the Schevenhütte – Düren Road 
  The Pedro Cano Story -  C Company, 8th Infantry          
  The inauguration of a monument for Pedro Cano is planned
  Moderators: Albert Trostorf – Steven Cano 
12:30 PM Picnic at the Museum Hürtgenwald 
2:00 PM The Battle for the Petersberg hill and Ochsenkopf 
    Warfare in difficult terrain           
  Moderator: Mario Cremer… 
3:30 PM Coffee break 
4:00 PM The battle for Bergstein and Castle Hill  
    The 8thUS Infantry Division and the 2ndRanger Battalion in the Hurtgen forest 
  Moderator: Mario Cremer 
7.00 PM Back at the Hotel 
  Sunday, Oct. 7, 2019   
8:00 AM Drive to Overloon/Netherlandes 
                         Visiting of the Museum of the Battle for Brabant and the Memorial Park. 
                          The time in the Museum, in the memorial park and town are at leisure.
3:00 PM Drive to the German cemetery of Ysselsteyn (Netherlandes) 
  Memorial Service 
7.00 PM Arrival at the Hotel at Düren 
  Program subject to change - Please confirm for any changes


Please don´t forget the 5th annual Meeting of the Sons, Daughters and Grandchildren
of the
American and German veterans of the Battle of the Hurtgen Forest

Kindest regards
Albert and SheilaTrostorf

Dear Rusty:

I will send you more details for the upcoming event soon. We will soon start to plan the program for 2019

Some family members of Pedro Cano (Medal of Honor) will also attend and we plan to erect an memorial plaque for him. In 2016 I found the site were Pedro Cano fought on that day. It is amazing that all the foxholes and trenches in that area of the Hurtgen Forest are still in a good shape and that also many relicts lying around.

Maybe you could publish a note in one of the future newsletters?

Kindest regards