Do you have an interest and the ability to be the Ivy Leaves Editor?

From : Glen “Rusty” Armstrong, Editor of the Ivy Leaves

Do you have an interest and the ability to be the Ivy Leaves Editor?

We are searching for an Assistant to learn the job, and/or someone to take on the responsibility

Here is a summary of the duties as set forth in Article IV, Section IV Appointed Officers’ Duties and Responsibilities:

IVY LEAVES EDITOR: The Ivy Leaves editor shall collect and edit Chapter reports, solicit news and special interest articles and timely submit information designated for publication to the magazine’s printer on schedule. He or she shall further maintain the Ivy Leaves’ standards and shall work in conjunction with the Media Advisory Committee of this Association to coordinate media-related issues. The Ivy Leaves Editor shall fulfill such other duties and responsibilities as are assigned to him or her by the National President.

My Background: I believe I am the tenth editor of The Ivy Leaves quarterly magazine based on my records since 1952. I assumed this position in 2008 and have just finished my tenth year in this position. I also assumed the duties of VP Communications in 2013. The combination of these duties is not a burden since the majority of my actual time is generating the quarterly Ivy Leaves publication.I do not oversee the Association website as that has been Rick Adams’ position for some time now. Bruce and Sue Gass have done admirable work on Facebook and I believe this has much to offer for our active duty Soldiers as well as former members. The Media Advisory Committee has not been reliably active or necessary. I have been committed to sending the Executive Board drafts of the quarterly magazine as well as suggestions and ideas for enhancing this publication. Our publisher has been a great resource and advisor since I assumed this position.

Contact me or National President Jerry Bumpus if you have an interest in serving in one of these very important position’s.

Glen “Rusty” Armstrong, Editor of the Ivy Leaves -

Jerry N. Bumpus, National President -