50th Anniversary Reunion of the Battle of Soui Tre March 19 – 24, 2017

50th Anniversary Reunion of the Battle of Soui Tre March 19 – 24, 2017

To all my Brave Brothers that had fought at Suoi Tre and survived that March 21st day in 1967

‘This will most likely be the last time the participants of the "Largest One Day Battle in VN War" will all be together again.’

See Retired Army Gen. John W. Vessey’s comments at the Battle of Soui Tre reunion March, 2015

We will be having a get together for the 50 Anniversary of the Battle of Suoi Tre on March 19th-24! All units involved are invited to attend. There will be plenty of activities including a banquet, a surprise TV Actor guest, a day at Fort Carson, with a Memorial Service at the Fort, complete with a 21 Cannon Salute on the 21st of March for our Brothers who were lost on that day and during the insertion into GOLD on the 19th.

A special guided tour of the Air Force Academy is set. In addition, optional trip to Wildwood Casino There will be plenty of things to do, a luncheon/ shopping for the wives.

The registration for this event will be $65 per person, which includes the Banquet Dinner, the use of Hospitality Room, buses to events, etc.

This fee is to be mailed/payable to:

William King
PO Box 414 
Florissant, Co 80816


Also, we need your name and anyone that accompanies you, your unit and the town/city your from for your Name Tags, Thank you!

Special Room Rate is $91 + Tax for a Single/Double Standard Room. This rate includes a free hot Breakfast buffet.

The hotel Elegante in Colorado Springs will be our meeting site. Hotel reservations for rooms must be made by 2-27-2017 in order to get the special rate. The Hotel Elegante telephone number is 1-800-981-4012. When you register, tell them you are here for the Soui Tre Reunion and Group # is 1612683.

As more info comes available, it will be posted on  www.originalboatpeople.com  website.

In addition, if you know of anyone who was at Soui Tre, please tell them about this event as this will be their final opportunity to commemorate the battle and meet with the participants. (This will be our last reunion.)

There is no deadline for registration but the hotel would like you to make reservations ASAP so they can set rooms aside for us!!


Other updates will be available on www.originalboatpeople.com

Call Hotel Elegante 719-576-5900 for a shuttle ride from Colorado Springs airport to the hotel, tell them that you are with the Suoi Tre reunion.

Dress is business casual. No ties required. Remember that Colorado weather is very unpredictable at times so you might want to bring a warmer jacket & gloves. Wives & girl friends are welcome to attend all events!!

March 19th

Arrival day, table set up in lobby for book authors & greeting our people with welcome bags & name tags. There will be a sign in book.

Later in the afternoon, welcome bags & name tags will be moved to the hospitality room on the 2nd floor.

We will have a get together for all units, authors, & guest speakers in the hospitality room around 5:30. Pizza & beer & other refreshments will be provided. Come & go as you please, purely a time to socialize & meet each other. Special guests may drop by. You are welcome to bring memorabilia to share with others if you so desire.

Ft. Carson troops, wives & girl friends are welcome to join us as well.

March 20th

Morning trip to Ft Carson (buses provided by Ft. Carson)

The buses will be leaving Hotel Elegante at 8:30 AM!!!

 We will be watching 141 Cav troops doing actual training exercises on simulators. We are invited to do hands on as well.

11 –11:45 AM Shopping time at the PX

12 noon to 1 PM Lunch at base mess hall with troops (everyone pays for their own lunch $5.55 cash, ATM on site)          

1 -3 PM KEY PERSONNEL- travel to ceremony field for rehearsals

1:15 – 2:15 PM Tour of remodeled museum       

2:45 PM Return to Hotel Elegante

5:30 PM           

Evening social in Banquet Room (4th floor) at Elegante Hotel.

This is not a dinner, so you might want to get something to eat before coming.

Cash bar & other refreshments will be available.

Opening prayer by Forward Air Control Captain Bob Staib

Slide program presented by Bill Comeau A/2/12

Some special guests have committed to speak & compare their war experiences to ours. We have Jim Downing,103 years old, who is a Pearl Harbor survivor; Ed Beck, who is 93 years old, was in the Battle of the Bulge, a POW and he also served in the Korean War; Infantryman Bruce Elson, who is 93 years old, was sent to Hiroshima after the blast to destroy enemies’ weapons.

There will also be speakers from the units involved in the Battle of Suoi Tre, battle commanders, two nurses (from the Vietnam era), a medic from the B/2/77 artillery, & current day “Global War on Terrorism” commanders.

March 21st

7:15 AM Key people involved in the ceremony will leave the hotel early

8:15 AM Ft. Carson’s buses will transport everyone to the ceremony field on Ft. Carson.

9 - 9:30 AM Socialize & KEY PEOPLE to address any last minute issues

9:30 –11:30 AM Suoi Tre Memorial Ceremony & 21 cannon salute

11:45 – 1 PM Lunch at base mess hall with troops (everyone pays for their own lunch $5.55 cash, ATM on site)    

1:15 – 2 PM Trip to a different PX at Ft Carson to buy memorabilia etc.

2 PM Return to Hotel Elegante on buses

5:30 PM

Eveningdinner banquet (included in your registration fee).

Cash bar will be available.

Opening prayer by Forward Air Control Captain Bob Staib (or local police chaplain)

Speakers will include Ft. Carson commanders & others.

March 22


shop around Colorado Springs (info in welcome packages or look at visitcos.com)

8:45 AM buses leave from Hotel Elegante for the tour of the United States Air Force Academy for those who requested this trip. There may be a few extra seats if someone has changed their mind & would like to go. Buses will return to the hotel at approximately 1 PM.

2 PM The bus to Wild Wood Casino will leave Hotel Elegante & travel to Cripple Creek. This is for those who requested this trip. Return time will be approximately 8 PM. There might be a few extra vacant seats if you have changed your mind about going. When you get to Wild Wood Casino, be sure to go to the Player’s Club counter & let them know that you are with the Battle of Suoi Tre reunion to receive your player’s club card & coupons!!

Those of you who would like to go to Cripple Creek at a different time of day & return at a different time, can take the Ramblin’ Express bus to & from or drive yourself. There will be a Ramblin’ Express bus schedule in your welcoming package along with prices.

Drive time is approximately 1-1/2 hours. The scenery is beautiful so don’t forget your camera!!! Remember that you are going to be at 9500’. Some casinos do have “oxygen bars” available.

March 23

8:45 AM Static displays with Ft Carson 2/77 & 2/12 troops in the morning to have interaction with soldiers & their equipment

11:30 –1 PMLunch at base mess hall with troops (everyone pays for their own lunch $5.55 cash, ATM on site)

March 24

Day of departure

We are glad that so many of you are able to attend & share this Heritage Week together!

From the generations of brothers & sisters that we have brought together, we see that Freedom Isn’t Free.  We have all experienced the same feelings & life issues.

We will also have 50th anniversary "Battle of Suoi Tre" shirts available, in case you haven’t heard about them or would like to purchase more. They are non-unit specific so it works for everyone. They are available in either Tee or Polo!!!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!!

Thank you!!!!

Bill King   C/2/22   1967

Committee Chairman


For further information or questions, please call Bill King at 719-748-8219 H or 719-494-3590 C or email him at: billkingsouitre@aol.com  or Paige Lanier at 719-330-6638 or email him at paigermm@msn.com   

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