8th Infantry Chapter dedicated memorial on the ‘Walk of Honor’

Eight Infantry Regiment Society Chapter has dedicated a memorial very near our 4th ID site on the Walk of Honor at the National Infantry Museum at Columbus/Ft. Benning, GA.


Message from Gerry W. Howard

April 23, 2016 - Updated April 24, 2016

Please forward to anyone you think might be interested.

The 8th regiment Society Chapter has decided to go forward with the building and dedicating of the 8th Infantry Regiment Memorial this year on Vet's Day on the Walk of Honor at the National Infantry Museum at Ft. Benning, Ga.

The formal, but small, dedication will be at the site right after lunch at the Memorial. There will be at least several former BCs and vets of our storied regiment in attendance. There is much to see and do at the National Infantry Museum during the Vet's Day time frame. We have changed the design to a slightly taller presence. Final drawings will be in the summer or fall issues of IVY LEAVES.

Now, to the important subject matter, several Chapters of the N4IDA to include 8th Society, B-2-8, Ivy Dragoons, A-1-8, and the Mid-South have all sent donations. Sadly, we are still short about $7,000 to pay it forward.

To all those who have donated, and bought raffle tix(we still have 31 to sell of 500), thank you sincerely!

Update 4/24/2016

1-8 Infantry Active Duty has donated $1000.
Ivy Dragoons Chapter has also donated another $1000.
Mid South and Bill Redmond have each added $500 to their already large Donations!
We have sold the remaining raffle tix to the NCOC President.  The raffle produced $5000 matched by our anonymous donor for a total of $10,000. Wish we had 3 of him.

So, keep the donations coming, every dollar helps. 

All donations are, of course, tax deductible. It has been my honor and to my great gratification that we have built such wonderful memorials in the past. All of us should feel honored and proud enough to have served in the 8th or any units wearing the IVY patch. So, please, please, please, send us a few dollars, or buy some raffle tix. Donations may be made on the N4IDA website by credit card, debit, or Pay Pal.

Checks payable to 8th Inf. Reg. Chapter should be sent to:

John R. O'Malley, Treasurer, 8th Inf. Reg. Society Chapter.
3149 N. Ridge Rd.
Perry, Ohio 44081 - 9575

Raffle checks payable to Gerry W. Howard should be sent to:

Gerry W. Howard
709 Austin Ave. SW
Cullman, Al. 35055-4794

Drawing for the 25 prizes (all donated) will be made May 7.

Should any of you, individuals or Chapter officers wish to talk to me, please call 256-735-3130

Patriae Fidelis 8th Regiment Motto

Steadfast & Loyal, Howie

Gerry W. Howard
709 Austin Ave. S.W.
Cullman, Al. 35055-4754

Message from Howie 6/15/15 - Hello Everyone,

I hope the day finds you and yours happy and well. As you know, the 8th Chapter is in the process of fundraising for our now approved Memorial on THE WALK OF HONOR very near our 4th ID Memorial, the McNerney Tree, the 35th, and the 22nd Memorial to be dedicated on the 23rd.

We are approaching the mid-way point toward our goal. We are having a raffle that we think will put us over he top. We are selling 500, $10.00 tix. And, we have an anonymous donor who is matching every dollar we raise with the raffle. So, every ticket you and your chapter, friends, etc. buy will mean $20.00 for our Memorial.

Please, order some tickets from me, some for yourself and some you might sell to your friends and vet buddies.

Top prize is a factory scoped, Remington Model 710, 30.06, Bolt Action, composite stock, new in the box. And, it was donated to the raffle as were the 10 other prizes. Many of which are books written by our Association members. With your help in the past, we have been able to fund and build Memorials at Arlington National Cemetery, the National Infantry Museum as well as supporting other memorials all over the place.

Please send me the dollars for ever how many tickets you may buy or think you might sell and I will return the tickets to you. The goal is have the drawing at Springfield if we sell all the tickets.

My address is:  
Gerry Howard
709 Austin Ave. SW
Cullman, AL 35055-4754

Please contact me if you have questions or concerns.  256.735.3130  ghrltd1@gmail.com   

Steadfast and Loyal Patriae Fidelitis, Howie

Questions may be sent to:

Col. (ret) Robert Sholly   www.rsholly@usa.net

Or call Gerry “Howie" Howard at 256.735.3130

Donations may be mailed to: the chapter treasurer.

John R. O'Malley, Treasurer

3149 N. Ridge Road

Perry, Ohio 44081-9575

Chapter as well as individual and memorial donations will be greatly appreciated. Click Here to Donate Online

Article from the 'Ivy Leaves'
The 8th Infantry Regiment Society Chapter of the 4th ID Association is building a memorial to honor the members of this famous regiment. It will be placed on the Walk of Honor near the National Infantry Museum in Columbus, GA and Fort Benning, GA. Donations are being solicited now and can be sent to John O’Malley, the Treasurer of the Society, at 3149 N. Ridge Road, Perry, OH 44081. If you would like to be a participant in this event, please use some of that discretionary funding you always keep aside for special things at this time of year. We have already several donations of $500.00, or less from Vets of all 4 Bns of the Regiment, so if you can afford even $20-50 it will be helpful. The plan is on a fast-track so the memorial can be dedicated on November 11, 2015, which means we will need our funding by June 1, 2015. The Memorial Planning Staff consists of Bob Sholly, John O’Malley, Dick Surface and Gerry Howard. As currently planned, the memorial will be about six feet tall in the shape of a column, with the regimental crest near the top. Other designators will include the names of the Regimental Medal of Honor awardees since the medal was authorized in 1861. It will also include the streamers and campaigns in which the regiment as participated as well as the four battalions that bear the regimental unit designation. As you can see in this rendering, the memorial will be a great way for future generations to see the great tradition and successes of our regiment. Everyone, please participate as soon as possible.

Further suggestions or questions may be directed to any of the committee members.

Col (Ret) Robert Sholly, B Co. Cmdr, 1-8 Inf. 66-67
President 8th Society Chapter