MIA James Van Bendegom's Remains Identified After 47 Years

Virginia Van Bendegom, 87 year old mother of Red Warrior James Van Bendegom, has been informed that her son’s remains have been identified through DNA testing. Details are unavailable. The emotional Mrs. Van Bendegom told past Association president Whitney Echols that military authorities will visit her in October to discuss burial arrangements. Most likely James will be buried in the family plot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on his birthday, November 28.

On July 12, 1967 James was wounded and captured during the Red Warriors most costly engagement where 3rd platoon of Bravo Company was nearly wiped out. There were 29 fatalities. Nathan Henry, Cordine McMurray, Richard Perricone, Martin Frank, Stanley Newell, James Schiele, and James Van Bendegom, were all wounded and taken prisoners by the enemy. Van Bendegom died shortly after his capture and his remains were never found at that time.

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We will keep you posted on funeral arrangement and we hope to have a contingent of Red Warriors present.