D-Day plus 70 Years!

BEDFORD, VA — June 6, 2014, D-Day plus 70 Years!

Nearly 300 D-Day veterans were among the 7,500 who gathered at the National D-Day Memorial for Friday’s anniversary ceremony.

Two 4th Infantry WWII veterans in attendance, Armand Torre from Rutherford, New Jersey, who turned 100 years old in May and John Worthington of Pink Hill, North Carolina were honored as a wreath to honor all the 4th Infantry Soldiers of D-Day and WWII was placed at the 4th Infantry Division marker on the Memorial Wall by Carolinas Chapter President Willard Robershaw and National Sergeant at Arms Richard Bolin. (Shown Below)

(Above) The 4th Infantry Division marker on the wall of honor at the D-Day memorial

Pictured below - Several members of the Carolinas Chapter attended Bernard Marie’s 30th Anniversary Dinner in honor of the D-Day sacrifices made to free his native country.

More Pictures from the D-Day gathering  

(Above) Bernard Marie performs with 'Letters from Home'