4ID War Stories '2' book being planned - will you help?

As you know if you've read the Ivy Leaves newsletter the past year, I am in the process of putting together another 4ID War Stories book, similar to the War Stories: Utah Beach to Pleiku that I wrote when I was president of the 4IDA back in 1998-2000. In that 700 page book, we had 325 WWII stories, 25 from the Cold War, and 100 from Vietnam. My objective for this book is to have as many or more stories as we had in the original War Stories book.

To help energize the effort, next week I am taking with me to the 4IDA reunion at Fort Carson several preliminary copies of the book with the stories that I have received thus far. They will be available in the hospitality suite for people to read and hopefully trigger them writing their own stories. I would very much appreciate it if you could send me one or more of your stories to include in my sample books - and then in the final book.

To include in my sample book, I need your story emailed to me at this email address: babcock224@aol.comno later than this coming Sunday, 22 July. If you can't make that, send your stories any time between now and the end of the year to be included in the final book - due out by next summer.

This time I will have many fewer WWII stories, probably many more from Vietnam and the Cold War, and hopefully a lot from Iraq and Afghanistan. In my last War Stories book, the shortest story was one paragraph, the longest was eleven pages - that gives you an idea of the range of what I'm looking for.

Since it was so late after WWII that I put together the original War Stories book, I have virtually zero stories from any leader above a company commander or platoon leader level, most of the battalion through division commanders had died before I started work on the book. I want to fix that with this book and get insight and stories of interest from leaders of all ranks. This will be a book that will preserve 4ID history long after we are gone.

Feel free to write any human interest or historical story that you choose. I am happy with any story, or multiple stories, you choose - they can be serious, comical, historical, human interest, etc.

Can I count on you to help preserve our history by writing down and sending me your stories? Don't put it off - please send your stories ASAP. Deeds not Words!

I remain... Steadfast and Loyal.