E-Board approves ‘Electronic’ E-Life Membership plan

In January 2012, the E-Board unanimously approved a plan to offer E-Life ‘Electronic’ Life Memberships to Active Duty and GWOT veterans for $125. This plan was well received by the Division at meetings with MG Joe Anderson and the Brigade staffs the week of January 23rd.

These 'At Large' life memberships are available to Active Duty and GWOT Vets who honorably served in or attached to the Fourth Infantry Division since 9-11-2001 and include: On-Line access to the Members Only page, including the quarterly Ivy Leaves (PDF), On-Line Membership Directory search, and ALL the members’ only benefits. It includes membership in the Iron Horse Chapter while on Active Duty, and access to any chapter as 'Secondary' membership direct with the chapter if desired.

As in the past, the 3-year active duty membership plans of $20 for ranks of E-5 and below and $25 for E-6 and above is still available, with the same benefits as above.

We all share the view that the current Soldiers and GWOT era Vets are the future of the Association. Several attempts have been made over the years to attract and maintain these Soldiers and all efforts to date have fallen short. As we have seen with the 3-year active duty memberships this generation of Soldiers are very comfortable with electronic communications, so we can offer these lower cost memberships without providing the printed and mailed Ivy Leaves magazine.

We now have the Division at one post and with the great support of MG Anderson and the brigade leaders; we should capture a high number of the GWOT Soldiers. MG Anderson made it clear they have the task of recruiting and we have provided them with the membership options to make it happen.