First Sgt. David McNerney’s MOH given back to the 4th Division

The 4th Infantry Division hosted a dedication ceremony as they received the Medal of Honor awarded to First Sergeant David McNerney, Oct. 06, 2011.


The ceremony fulfills the final wishes made by McNerney before passing away in October of last year. McNerney stated both verbally and written that he wished for his Medal of Honor to be returned to the Soldiers of the 4th Inf. Div.

McNerney was awarded the Medal of Honor while serving as the first sergeant of Company A, 1st Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, 4th Inf. Div., during the Vietnam War.

On March 22, 1967, Company A was attacked by North Vietnamese forces. McNerney moved to the front to assess the situation and was wounded by a grenade. When the company commander and forward observer were killed, he assumed command of the unit and began organizing the defense. He called in air strikes to within 65 feet (20 m) of his own position and marked the unit's location by climbing a tree, in full view of the hostile soldiers, and tying an identification marker to the upper branches. Braving heavy fire to collect demolition equipment which had been dropped early in the battle, he blew up trees in order to clear a landing site for a helicopter extraction of the wounded. Despite his injuries, he refused to be evacuated himself and stayed with the company until a new commander arrived the next day.

During the ceremony, the Medal of Honor was passed from the members of McNerney's Family to the Veterans who served in Company A and B during the events in Vietnam, to the current Soldiers and leadership of Company A, to Command Sergeant Major Kurak of the 4th Inf. Div.

The Medal of Honor was then escorted to it's final resting place in the Fort Carson Historical Center, where it will remain on display for the Soldiers, Families, and the general public.