“Steadfast and Loyal!” Ryan F. Gonsalves, Major General, USA Commander, 4th Infantry Division

Fellow Ivy and Ironhorse Veterans, Friends, and Family Members,

By Maj. Gen. Ryan F. Gonsalves

Commanding general, 4th Infantry Division and Fort Carson

Greetings from YOUR 4th Infantry Division and beautiful Colorado! It’s a privilege to once again update you on the incredible accomplishments and significant activities of the Iron Horse Division. From deterring aggression in Eastern Europe, sharpening our collective combat skills at NTC, JRTC, and JRMC, to maintaining readiness at home station, we are fully engaged and continue to be the Army’s “Work Horse” Division. I couldn’t be prouder of our Soldiers. They are selfless and determined professionals who uphold the long and distinguished lineage of this storied Division.

Speaking of our renowned history, Soldiers from our 3rd Brigade Combat Team, former 4ID Veterans, and myself will be in Montebourg, France to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the D Day landings. The Town of Montebourg was one of the first significant objectives that 4ID liberated after we spearheaded the assault on Utah Beach. We will honor our WWII Veterans at a ceremony in this memorial. To me, the most important part of this event will be seeing our younger Soldiers experience this hallowed ground and interact with our Veterans.

During the Memorial Day observance, we honored and paid respects to our 4ID and Fort Carson Soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation at our Mountain Post Warrior Memorial. This year four Fort Carson Soldiers’ names were added tour Memorial Wall, and I am filled with admiration for their service and sacrifice. These Fallen Soldiers instilled in their units traits like courage, selflessness, and the determination to complete the missions for which they gave their lives. Their eternal legacy and memories bind together Soldiers past, present and future, and their examples continue to guide their units for generations to come. May God bless and comfort all of the families, friends and comrades of our fallen heroes.

We were extremely proud to participate in the 50th Anniversary Reunion of the Battle of Suoi Tre. In March, our 77 Field Artillery and12th Infantry Regiments conducted a Memorial Ceremony at Fort Carson with fellow 4ID Vietnam Veterans to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice during the intense fighting at the Battle of Suoi Tre. Not unlike the rest of our 4ID Vietnam Veterans, these Suoi

Tre Veterans fought against great odds, protected their comrades, and showed gallantry in the face of the enemy. They are truly an example of courage for our current and future “Ivy” Soldiers.

Our Division’s 100th anniversary celebration continues to gain momentum as we approach our 100th birthday on December 10th 2017. Since my last update to you, our Soldiers participated in the Colorado Springs St. Patrick’s Day Parade and will take part in the unveiling of our commemorative plaque on the 4ID memorial in Montebourg, France. Additionally, we hosted a prominent First World War historian, Professor Sir Hew Strachan, who provided an extremely insightful lecture on 4ID involvement during the Great War to our command teams and staff. Moreover, the Division and Fort Carson are working hard to make our combined 4ID Annual Association Reunion and Iron Horse Week (14-19 August 2017), as well as the 100th Anniversary Ball at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs (9 December 2017) some truly special and memorable events. I look forward to seeing you all there and celebrating our remarkable history.

The Brigades across the Division remain in high gear. 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, the “Raider Brigade,” conducted a nearly three week brigade-collective training event with augmented units such as an ADA Company and HIMARS artillery Battalion in Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site. Over 1,200 vehicles deployed in over 60 convoys to and from the maneuver site, demonstrating the rapid mobility of our Stryker formation. The Brigade’s collective training will culminate with a reconnaissance and security excursion at the National Training Center in July.

2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team continues to train in preparation for a Joint Readiness Training Center rotation this fall. “Warhorse” Infantrymen and Medics across the Brigade will also train and compete to earn the coveted Expert Infantry Badge and Expert Field Medic Badge respectively. The Brigade’s training progression will continue to gain momentum as Companies conduct Platoon and Company live fires in August.

Balancing two National Training Center rotations while conducting UH-60M and AH-64E new equipment training, our “Iron Eagles” in the 4th Combat Aviation Brigade continue to stay in demand while simultaneously modernizing their force. The Soldiers of Aviation Brigade continue to display their work ethic and ability to fulfill multiple missions at once, maintaining a collective training progression while augmenting other brigades’ training cycles.

The “Iron Brigade,” the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat team, continues to represent the 4th Infantry Division and the United States Army across Central and Eastern Europe, forging bonds and continually training with our NATO allies. The Brigade’s footprint is spread across eight Atlantic Resolve countries, from Estonia to Bulgaria.Each Battalion formation will do one Combat Training Center rotationin theater, with the majority of the Brigade aggregating inSouthern Europe for exercise “Saber Guardian 17” in July.

The DIVARTY and 4th Sustainment Brigade continue to support all of the Division’s operations across two continents. Master Gunners from DIVARTY continue to certify the Ivy Division’s Field Artillery Battalions in Europe and at home station in Fort Carson, Colorado. 4th Sustainment Brigade continues to support our maneuver brigades, at Pinon Canyon, the National Training Center, and across Eastern Europe.

Inside the Division Headquarters, the Mission Command Element (MCE) has found a new home. The MCE continues to exercise operational control over all units in Eastern Europe, but has moved its physical headquarters from Baumholder, Germany, to Poznan, Poland. The efforts of this small group continues to have reaching effects while working with allies and partners across the European theater.

As many of our national command authority and Army leaders have recently said, we live in a complex world where the next conflict is assured to be dynamic and unpredictable. With current and future deployments spanning the globe, the 4th Infantry Division’s existing commitments and training progression certainly reflects that reality. From Colorado to Afghanistan and all the way to Estonia, Iron Horse Soldiers remain poised and ready to execute any mission they’re given and uphold the high standards set by this Division’s Veterans for the past century.

On behalf of Command Sergeant Major Crosby and myself, thanks again for all that you do to keep the spirit of the “Ivy” and “Ironhorse” Division vibrant and alive.

“Steadfast and Loyal!”

Ryan F. Gonsalves, Major General, USA

Commander, 4th Infantry Division