Celebrating 95 Years of Steadfast Loyalty to our Nation

Maj. Gen. Joseph Anderson
Commanding General
4th Infantry Division and Fort Carson



FORT CARSON, Colo. – For 95 years now, the 4th Infantry Division has answered our Nation’s call. From the “Great War” in France to the final chapter of “New Dawn” in Iraq, the Ivy Division is at the forefront of our Army’s historic lineage.

Through nearly a century, our brave men and women have endured the struggles of war and conflict, willing to toil and sacrifice for the small bands of brothers and sisters who stand unwavering to their left and right. Our veterans draw their courage from the well spring of our history and from the legacy of strength they have inherited from those who marched tirelessly before them.

Constituted on Nov. 19, 1918, the 4thInfantry Division quickly saw action in France at Aisne-Marne, St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne, Champagne, and Lorraine during World War I. Our storied division became the first to cross into Germany in World War II after landing at Utah Beach during the invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944 and broke the German’s backs at the Battle of the Bulge.

In late 1966, the 4th Infantry Division deployed to Southeast Asia in the sweltering jungles of Vietnam. Through1970, the division earned eleven battle streamers and maintained the largest area of operation of any division throughout the conflict.

In the spring of 2003 the Iron Horse division pressed north through Baghdad and assumed operations to topple the Hussein regime. On Dec. 13, 2003, less than nine months after the invasion of Iraq, 4th Infantry Division Soldiers, along with Special Operation Soldiers, captured Saddam Hussein. In 2005, the4th Infantry Division assumed command of Multi-National Division – Baghdad and did it again in 2007 during the “Surge.” The division’s headquarters deployed in October 2010 and was one of the last divisions to write the final chapter, closing out the U.S. mission in northern Iraq during Operation New Dawn.

Our Soldiers continue to press forward today with strength and agility, supporting Operation Enduring Freedom with the same courage and dedication exhibited over the last 11 years of war. They not only wield the hammer of conflict, but also serve an integral role in shaping Afghanistan for lasting peace.

In November and December, we celebrate the return of 4th Brigade’s “Mountain Warriors,” our “Iron “Brigade Soldiers of 3rd Brigade Combat Team and 214th Fires Brigade, who served as Security Force Assistance Team advisors. All of these units work diligently with their Afghan army and police partners to bring lasting peace to the war-torn country of Afghanistan.

Our Soldiers, Veterans and Families have given so much, and the price has been great. This summer the 4th Infantry Division and Fort Carson etched seven names to the hallow stones enshrined a tGate 1’s memorial park. Our hearts mourn the losses of “Mountain 7”, CSM Kevin Griffin; MAJ Thomas Kennedy; US Air Force Maj. Walter Gray; 1LTAlejo Thompson; SGT Christopher Birdwell; SPC Tofiga Tautolo; and SPC Marbry Anders, who paid all the ultimate sacrifice serving our country. Our heart sand prayers go out to their Families and loved ones that they leave behind.

As we turn the page and look forward to the next chapter of the 4th Infantry Division, we look back at 95 years of proud service from our men and women, following in the footsteps of the men and women who served the Army, their communities and this Nation in years past. As we move forward, we prepare for new challenges and uncommon circumstances, and our 1st Brigade “Raiders” will be the first to test their resolve in a decisive action environment with the unwavering strength and commitment to excellence that is synonymous with the Ivy Division.

I look forward to the future of this storied division and stand with honor as the commander of a division that has earned twenty-eight campaign streamers and seen 16 Ivy Soldiers earn the Medal of Honor. When the cannons of World War I were silenced, we thought we had fought the “war to end all wars” but as history has proved, the Ivy Division has and always will answer the call to lead the way – Steadfast and Loyal!

Ironhorse 6!