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January 23, 2019

Hello everyone!  Hoping all of you are settling into the new year.  Here it is mid-late January.  Some of us have experienced a lot of unsettled weather of late.  Frigid cold, snow, ice…..UGH!!!!  Not to worry, spring is only a few months away.  Stay warm and dry til then.  This is a good time to be sure your 4thID calendar is hanging up somewhere so you can view all the important dates through out the year.  Don’t have a calendar?   Get in touch with us and we will be sure to direct you to the person that can get you one.  They are a great looking calendar.

The Ohio Chapter breakfast was held on Saturday, January 19, 2019 at the Wayside Restaurant, 825 State Road, Champion (Warren), Ohio at 9 am.  There were only 12 in attendance.  It could be due to the severe weather that was on the way that day and weekend.  Those is attendance were Skip Cole, Beth Utterback, Harry and Becky Cracraft, Harry Hodge, Swede Zetterquist, Bill Taneri, Ron Curry, Phil DeCapito, Skip (#2) Funk, George Evans, and Lynn Williams.  (Elmer Glenn and Linda Rodriguez were not there due to the incoming weather threat).  Thank you to all that were able to get out and have a good time with each other at the breakfast.  Our next breakfast will be held February 16th at 9 am at the Wayside Restaurant.  All are welcome to attend.  It’s a great way to stay in touch with each other between months and holidays.  Come and join us.  We would love to have you.

Heard Ken David was in Florida visiting his son and family.  He got back just in time for the snow and ice and cold.  Welcome back Ken.

Kay and Paul Schneider are going to be grandparents.  A baby girl is expected in May.  How exciting for them.  Congratulations!

Calling all Hockey fans – February 16th at the Cavelli Center in Youngstown Ohio there will be a Veterans Appreciation Event, benefiting the Purple Heart #606 chapter that evening.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Skip Cole @ 330-719-7347 or Ken David @ 330-501-2591 for tickets. 

May is only a couple of months away.  Are you thinking of attending the Ohio Chapter Mini Reunion?   We would love to have a great attendance.  A breakfast with the business meeting following will be held Saturday morning (May 18th) at the Wayside Restaurant.  The women usually have a “Towel Bingo” after breakfast, so be sure all you women come and enjoy. The dinner and Flames of Remembrance will be held Saturday evening, May 18, 2019.  There will be further information regarding this great event in the coming months.  Make your plans now to attend.

Speaking of reunions, the National 4th Infantry reunion is being held in Springfield, Missouri this year.  The dates are August 19th-25th.  It is not too early to make reservations for this wonderful event.  We do need a great attendance.  Make your plans now!!  See the Ivy Leaves for more information.  If you do not get the Ivy Leaves, contact Skip Cole, or myself (Linda) or one other 4th ID vet for the detailed information and reservation form.  We will be glad to forward the details to you. 

February 8th is the next Air Base Club dinner at the Air Force Club on the Air base in Vienna, Ohio.  If you would like to attend, please contact Chuck Dinges @ 330-360-3562 for reservations.  You can also email him @ cdinges@neo.rr.com.


51 years ago on the 30th of January, we will remember the Tet Offensive that began in the early morning hours.  It was the largest and best coordinated offensive of the war.

75 years ago this month of January, 4ID troops left New York Harbor for England to train for the D-Day Invasion.

Please continue to pray for our country, president, congress (especially during this government shut-down period), and those that are affected by the shutdown. 

There are several local veterans and families that need our prayers as well.  They are George Williams, Syd Krause, Chops and his wife Pat Ginkinger, Nancy Arthur (she had back surgery in November and is on the mend – doing well), Ray and Lorraine Dunkel, and Sue and John Hazelton.   I hope I have not missed anyone.  Please, if you are aware of anyone that would like to be mentioned, let me or Skip know.  I received a card from Ruth Krause with a note stating Syd is now in the memory care unit at Brookdale Senior Living Solutions in Ravenna, OH.  He has dementia and congestive heart failure along with a few other health issues.  Also received a card from Sue and John Hazelton stating they have multiple health issues as well.  John may possibly have Parkinson’s or Agent Orange or both, along with a shoulder injury that may need surgery.  Heard also from John VanOrden thanking us for the breakfast report he gets via mail each month.  (You are so welcome John).

As of January 25th, Sue Dearmyer informed me via email that Roger was admitted to the Veterans Hospital in Buffalo in order to have a biopsy of his lung.  There was a spot found and they are hoping and praying that it is just scar tissue.  Surgery was to be Friday morning (1/25/19).  He will be in ICU for a couple of days.  Please keep them in your prayers. 


January 27th – Holocaust Remembrance Day


      5TH – Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday

      6th - Ash Wednesday

                  8th - Air Base Dinner – Contact Chuck Dinges

                  14THVALENTINES DAY

                  12th – Abraham Lincoln’s birthday – DOB 1809

                  16th - Veterans Appreciation Night at Cavelli Center in Youngstown, OH

                  16th – Ohio Chapter Breakfast at Wayside Rest., Champion OH

                   18th – Presidents Day celebrated

That is all we have for this month.  Looks like February will be a busy month.  Until next time ---


SKIP (Linda)


December 20, 2018

Merry Christmas to all of you

Our breakfast group met on Saturday, December 15th at 9 am at the Wayside Restraurant, 825 State Road, Champion, Ohio (Warren).  There were 18 in attendance.  They were:  Skip Cole and Beth Utterback, Harry Hodge, Tom Stalzer, Harry and Becky Cracraft, Elmer Glenn and Linda Rodriguez, Mike Datish, Bob and Diane Hafely and their grandson Patrick and friend Lee Pohuski, Ken David, Lynn Williams, George Evans, Swede Zetterquist, and Phil Decapito.  We all had a great time together, and we certainly missed those that have come in the past.  I am sure with the holidays upon us, we become very busy and cannot attend every event that comes our way.  Try and come next month when we will meet on January 19 @ 9 am at the Wayside Restaurant.  The women had a Christmas ornament exchange.  All of the ornaments were beautiful.  Lynn and Becky also gave each of us an ornament as well.  Patrick (Bob and Diane’s grandson) joined us ladies.  He is such a pleasure to have around. 

Congratulations are in order to Skip and Roxanne Funk on the birth of the “FIRST” grandson.  A picture will be attached to this email showing the proud grandfather holding the baby. 

Paul and Kay Schneider attended a gender announcing baby shower this last Saturday.  They are going to be grandparents sometime in the new year.  I have not received any information as to what the gender was.  No matter what, congratulations and whatever it may be, may it be healthy. 

Harry Hodge is back from Elk hunting – empty handed.  Sorry Harry.  Maybe next year you will get the “BIG” one. 

Ken David and Leigh Ann Ziegler were 2 of the chaperones that took the annual trip to Washington DC with the Trumbull Career Technical Center ROTC Cadets.  The were 42 cadets and 6 chaperones.  They were there on Sunday December 16 thru Wednesday December 19.  They walked approximately 14 miles and saw many educational museums.  On Wednesday, 3 cadets and Ken laid at wreath at the Unknown Soldier monument in Arlington Cemetery.  Thank you, Ken and Leigh Ann for your dedicated service.  There will be a few pictures attached to this email.  If for some reason the files are too big, a separate email will be send. 

On Thursday, December 20, 2018, 50 families and 82 children will be receiving food and toys for Christmas done by the DAV and the Purple Heart.  What a blessing to those families.  Thank you for all that were involved. 

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you of the passing of Joe Motil, a past president of the 4th, and who turned 100 this last July.  He passed away December 12th.  He will be missed by all his family and friends.  Our deepest sympathy to the Motil family

Skip Cole has been doing acupuncture treatments and they seem to be helping him.  Hoping it will continue to help him. 

George Williams was in the hospital again, but, is recovering slowly.  Please keep him and Lynn in your prayers. 

Diane Hafely lost her brother this last week (the 13th).  Please keep her and Bob and their families in your prayers.  

I saw a Facebook post that Pat and Chops Ginkinger were both having some health issues.  I am sure they would appreciate our prayers as well.    

Received a Christmas card from John Hazelton of Dayton, OH Seems he has several health issues.  Was attached by multiple yellow jackets this last summer, fell and dislocated his shoulder with possible surgery to take place and possibly has Agent Orange or Parkinson’s or both.  Please keep John in your prayers along with his wife Sue.  I am sure they would appreciate it.  John and Sue used to attend out Ohio Chapter Reunions in the past.  We miss them. 


            December 25th – MERRY CHRISTMAS

            December 31st – last day to get postage stamps at the current rate.  Rates

                                            Increased 5 cents per stamps in 2019

            January 1st – HAPPY NEW YEAR

            January 11th – Air Base Club Dinner.  Contact Chuck Dinges @ 330-360-3562

                                       Or cdinges@neo.rr.com for reservations

            January 19th – Breakfast at the Wayside Restaurant



Skip Cole/Linda Rodriguez


November 18, 2018


Greetings again from the Ohio Chapter Breakfast report.  Our breakfast was held on Saturday, November 17, 2018 @ 9 am at the Wayside Restaurant, 825 State Road, Champion (Warren), Ohio.  There were 16 in attendance at the breakfast.  They were:  Skip Cole, Beth Utterback, Phil DeCapito, Rick Boggs, Teddy Barritt, Ken David, Skip Funk, Harry Cracraft, Bob and Diane Hafely, Paul Schneider, Richard (Chops) Ginkinger, Bill Taneri, Brian Ginkinger, George Bassard, and Lynn Williams.  Thank you for coming.   Our next breakfast will be December 15th at Wayside Restaurant @ 9 am.  Please be sure to come out and have a good time of fellowship.  As a reminder, spouses, significant others, and family are also invited to join us.  The more, the merrier!   I am sure Sara, the owner, would appreciate the extra business.  Keep in mind; this will be the last breakfast for 2018.  Yes, the end of the year is almost here. 

The Veterans Day service was held on Saturday, November 10th.  I understand that maybe the weather kept some of us away.   Thank you to Bill Taneri for attending and participating in the parade with his WWII Jeep.  Due to the cold weather and a mixup of the date for the parade, there was not many participants. 

At our December breakfast the ladies will have their annual Christmas Ornament exchange.  If you are attending, please be sure to bring an ornament (no more that $5.00).  We hope to have a good showing of the ladies this coming month. 

There was a rededication of the Veterans Memorial at Point Park in Cortland on Saturday.  It was well attended.

The “Wreaths Across America” will be laying wreaths on veterans graves through out the day on December 15th at Rittman National Cementary near Akron, Ohio.

Harry Hodge is out west Elk Hunting.  Good luck Harry.  Bring home a big one! 

The Air Base Dinner is being held Friday November 30th.  Please be sure to contact Chuck Dinges for reservations.  He can be reached at 330-360-3562 or cdinges@neo.rr.com

Elmer Glenn became a new great, great grandfather today (November 18th) and Linda (me) became a great grandmother to a baby boy.  His name is Luke.  Weighed in at 7 pounds 6 ounces, and 20 inches long. 

Please keep the following in your prayers:  Tom Stalzer (possible surgery and recovery); George Williams, Syd Krause (and his wife Ruth), Harry Cracraft, Jim Leatherberry, Ray Dunkel.   Please let us know if there is anyone you would like us to remember.  You can contact Skip Cole or myself, Linda Rodriguez.

Attached to this email is a picture of Gail Kerns and Skip Cole that was taken when Skip and Beth visited him this summer.  Gail was a POW from A Co 3/12 and was held for 4 years.  We are so very glad that he was returned.    “WELCOME HOME, GAIL”.

Dates to Remember:

November 22nd – THANKSGIVING DAY – Have a great time with your families

November 30th – Air Base Dinner

December 7th – PEARL HARBOR DAY – 1941

December 15th – Breakfast at Wayside Restaurant

                               Wreaths being laid at Rittman National Cementary   

                                Rededication of Veterans Memorial at Point Park in Warren

December 25th – CHRISTMAS DAY

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day!!



(Linda Rodriguez)


Greetings from The Ohio Chapter Breakfast Group - October 24, 2018

Well, I think autumn went right on by us this year.  I am hoping for an Indian Summer.  They say it comes after the first frost.  That has already happened but the temperatures have not been Indian summer like.  It has been too cold for this time of year.  Even the leaves have not had the bright colors as they have in the past.  I am disappointed and am not ready for this cold. 

Our breakfast was held on Saturday October 20that 9:00 a.m. at the Wayside Restaurant, 825 State Road, Warren (Champion), OH.  There were 21 that attended breakfast.  Those that attended were:  Skip Cole and friend Beth Utterback, George Evans, Chuck Dinges, Phil DeCapito, Skip Funk, Ralph McMillian, Leigh Ann Ziegler, Ken David, Mike Datish, Harry and Becky Cracraft, Harry Hodge, Jim Leatherberry and his granddaughter Amy, Bill Taneri, Elmer and daughter Linda, Teddy Barritt, Ron Curry, and Lynn Williams.  This was a very good turnout on a very beautiful day.  Thank you all for coming.  Our next breakfast will be held November 17th at the same location and at the same time.  Please be sure to come and enjoy breakfast and the fellowship.  We really do have a great time. 

Harry Cracraft was celebrating his 72nd birthday.  All of us, including the restaurant owner and waitress sang “Happy Birthday” to him.  Wishing him many more birthdays in the years to come

Skip and Beth went to visit Skip’s friend and former POW Gail Kerns in West Virginia a couple of weeks ago.  They had a very good visit with him. Skip served with Gail in Vietnam.  He went missing March 27, 1969 and was held for 4 years.  WELCOME HOME GAIL!!!

Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11th.  Due to it being on a Sunday the annual Veterans Day parade held in Warren, OH will be held on Saturday November 10th.  Service will be held in the First Presbyterian Church, 256 Mahoning Ave. NW, Warren, Ohio at 11 a.m.  It will be followed by the parade at 12:15.  Come out and support the veterans on this special day.

Please continue to keep our comrades in prayer:  George Williams, Syd Krause, Ray Dunkel and Harry Cracraft.  Please let us know if there are any others that we need to mention. 


November 2nd -  Prime Rib & Fish Dinner at The Air Force Club on the

                           Air Base in Vienna.  If you have a DOD ID, just come

                           and enjoy.  If not, call or email Chuck Dinges with your

                           name, date of birth, and Drivers License Number and State.

                          Cell # 330-360-3562; email:  cdinges@neo.rr.com

November 3rd – 4th -   Don’t forget to turn your clocks back 1 hour

                                               Daylight Saving Time Ends

November 6th -   Election Day -  Get out and vote.  It’s your privilege and right to

                             Voice your opinion.

November 11th – VETERANS DAY    1918: Armistice ending WWI is signed.

                                                               4ID ceases combat operations in France

                                                                (100th anniversary)

November 17th – Breakfast at Wayside Restaurant, Champion, Oh.  ALL ARE WELCOME

November 22nd - THANKSGIVING DAY – Celebration with our family and Friends.  We all have something to be thankful for.  ENJOY!

Sure hope you have enjoyed the report for October.  Blessings to all of you




Greetings everyone.  Hope all of you are enjoying the last days of summer.  Fall starts September 22.  Get out the leaf blower and the rake.  Here come the leaves!!!!  Although I might mention, this is my favorite time of year (from Linda), not because of the leaves falling but because of the beauty of the trees and fall flowers.  Love the smell of autumn too.

Our breakfast was held on Saturday, September 15, 2018 at 9 am at the Wayside Restaurant, 825 State Road, Champion (Warren), Ohio.  There were 17 in attendance.  Those that attended were:   Skip Cole, Phil DeCapito, Ron Currey, Skip (#2) Funk, Jerry Bumpus and wife Donna, Ken David, Mike Datish, Elmer Glenn, Bob and Diane Hafely, Bill Taneri, Chuck Dinges, Beth Utterback, Lee Pohuski (friend of Diane Hafely), Lynn Williams, and Linda Rodriguez.   We were so blessed and honored to have Jerry Bumpus and his wife Donna stopping in to have breakfast with us.  Jerry is the 4th IDA President.  He and his wife were on their way home from a month long vacation.   They are from Missouri.  Thank you Jerry and Donna for taking time out of your vacation travels to stop by. We certainly had a wonderful time talking and sharing with you.  Jerry and Donna were able to stop and visit Ray and Lorraine Dunkel in New York on their way here to Pennsylvania.  Praying that you have returned safely to your home.  A group picture was taken.   

Our next breakfast will be held on Saturday, October 20th.  Please mark your calendars now to attend.  We are missing you at the breakfast.  This is a wonderful time to keep in touch with other veterans, not just 4th ID veterans.   Wives and significant others and family are also invited.

One of our attendees, Chuck Dinges, was honored to have his story published in the local paper.  I will attempt to attach the article that was published to this email.   Chuck served his country in two branches of military.  Thank you Chuck for you service to our country.

This Friday, September 21st, the Laying of Roses for POW/MIA day at noon at the Memorial in Warren.  If you can please attend in support of this event.

Please continue to keep the following in your prayers: 

             Syd Krause – nursing home

            Ray Dunkel – back

            George Williams – nursing home

            Richard and Nancy Arthur – health issues and possible surgeries

            Harry Cracraft – health issues/cancer

            Skip Funk – continued therapy from heart surgery

            All those affected by Hurricane Florence.  They really need our prayers and support.

If you know of any others that need our prayers, please let us know.  We will add them to our list.  Thank You.


September 21st – POW/MIA Laying of Roses at the Memorial in Warren

September 22nd – First Day of Autumn

October 12th – Air Base Dinner at the Air Base Club.  Notify Chuck Dinges for reservations @CDinges@neo.rr.com or 330-360-3562

October 20th – Breakfast at Wayside Restaurant, 825 State Road, Champion, Ohio at 9 am

That is all that I know of to report this month.  Until next time……




Hello fellow Veterans, family and friends.  Can you believe it is the middle of August already?   Before long the leaves will be turning colors and will be falling on the ground.  Let’s really enjoy what is left of summer.

Our breakfast was held on Saturday, August 18, 2018 at the Wayside Restaurant, 825 State Road, Champion (Warren), OH at 9 am.  There were 18 in attendance for breakfast.  They were:  Skip Cole & Beth Utterback, George Evans (George is a new 4th ID visitor to our breakfast and plans on returning), Jim & Tish Leatherberry, Richard & Nancy Arthur, Paul Schneider, Bill Taneri, Harry & Becky Cracraft, Harry Hodge, Elmer Glenn & Linda Rodriguez, Skip Funk, Ron Currey, Phil DeCapito, and Lynn Williams.  We all had a great time of fellowship.  It was extremely nice to see our Skip Funk out today.  He is doing very well, but, still doing therapy after his heart surgery.  It was also extremely nice to have Jim Leatherberry’s wife with us (Tish). Let us also welcome George Evans for attending for the first time.   Our next breakfast will be held on September 15th @ 9am at the Wayside Restaurant (address above).  Please, please make plans to attend and have a good time talking and laughing (and eating) with other veterans, family members, and friends.  We really do have a great time.

Our 4th ID National Reunion was successful again this year.  It was held in Green Bay, WI.  There were several from the Ohio Chapter that attended.  There will be a picture attached to this email of the Ohio Chapter group. On Friday evening we had our “R&R MIXER”.  It was a time of greeting, eating, singing and dancing.  Everyone seemed to have a good time.  Saturday evening was the “Flames of Remembrance” banquet.   Our Elmer Glenn was in attendance and was asked to help light the candles.  The food was great.  General Thigpen was our guest speaker and did a great job, encouraging all members to continue to find new members to keep the organization going.  Elmer was also presented with a Quilt of Valor quilt (picture attached) made by one of the women of a 4th ID veteran.  He was certainly surprised and humbled by the gift that was given to him.  He was the only 4th ID WWII veteran that was able to attend the reunion this year.  Next years reunion will be held at Springfield, Missouri.  We will send several reminders of that reunion after the first of next year.

Many of our veterans visited ”The Wall that Heals” that was in Warren this last weekend.  Attendence was great and so was the weather. Skip Cole talked with sisters of 4th ID fellow who was killed in April 1969.

His name is John Montgomery. They were both in Plei Trap Valley/Operation: Wayne Grey.  Our Mike Datish and Leigh Ann Zigler were volunteers for this event.  There will be an article also attached to this email regarding them.  Thank you Mike and Leigh Ann for taking the time to volunteer

Elmer and I (Linda) went to the D-Day reenactment held in Conneaut, OH after the breakfast on Saturday.  I heard many say that this years’ event was better than previous years.  There were certainly a “lot” of people there.  We saw many WWII veterans from different branches of the military.  It was good to see them out for this event.   We visited the area of the 4th ID soldiers.  They were so glad to meet Elmer.  One of them stood behind dad during the reenactment, as he had blown out his knee and unable to participate in the event. His words were “ I’ve got his back”.  The reenactment of D-Day on the beach was spectacular.  Next year the event will celebrate the 75th year of D-Day.  If you have never been to this event, make plans to attend next year.  I will be giving the dates later next spring.  It is usually held in August.

Skip was informed of a 4th ID Vietnam veteran, Paul Regan, passed away July 18, 2018 of an illness he contacted while serving in Vietnam. Our sincere sympathies to his wife Margory.  Please keep this family in your prayers. 

Syd Krause is still in nursing home, and most likely will not return to his home in Kent, OH.  Continue to pray for him and his wife, Ruth, during this time of their lives.  I believe he is suffering with dementia or Alzheimers. 

George Williams is also still in nursing home.  Continue to keep him and his wife Lynn in your prayers.

Skip Funk, although doing well, still needs continued prayers for healing and strength. 

Continued prayers for Harry Cracraft for blood related cancer that was just recently diagnosed.

Prayers also for Ray Dunkel for his continued back pain.


August 3rd – Dinner at the Air Base Club. Contact Chuck Dinges @ 330-360-3562 or CDinges@neo.rr.com for reservations.

September 3rd – Labor Day

September 7th – Dinner at the Air Base Club.  See above info for Reservations.

September 11th – 17th anniversary of 9/11 terror attack.

September 15th – Breakfast @ Wayside Restaurant

September 21st – POW/MIA Day.  Laying of roses will be done at the Memorial in Warren.


Skip / Linda

Hello everyone.  Hope all of you are having a wonderful summer.  It’s hard to believe that we are approaching August already.  

Breakfast was held on Saturday, July 21, 2018 at the Wayside Restaurant, 825 State Road, Warren (Champion), Ohio.  There were 19 at our breakfast.  They were:  Skip Cole, Chuck Dinges, Phil DeCapito, Leigh Ann Zigler, McKayla Morrison (granddaughter of Leigh Ann), Ken David, Harry Hodge, Harry and Becky Cracraft, Elmer Glenn, Tom Stalzer, Bill Taneri, Jim Leatherberry and granddaughter Amy Leatherberry, Rick (Chops) Ginkinger, George Bossaard, Paul Schneider, Lynn Williams and Linda Rodriguez.  Thank you everyone for coming to breakfast and enjoying a time of fellowship. 

Next breakfast will be August 18th, same time, same place.   Please make plans to attend.

It was good to see Leigh Ann out after having surgery on her appendix.  So glad she is recovering quickly.  Also, we were glad to see Chops at breakfast.  Thank you to George Bossard for bringing him.  It was greatly appreciated.

**July 30th thru August 5 is the 4th Infantry National Reunion being held in Green Bay Wisconsin.  If you are not going, please keep all those that will be in your prayers for safe travels and a wonderful time.  In the next news letter there will be a report of what went on.  I do know that Skip Cole, Elmer Glenn and Linda will be going.  Not sure who else from Ohio Chapter will be there. 

**The “Wall that Heals” will be coming to the Packard Music Hall South Lawn Wednesday August 15 through Sunday August 19, 2018.  It is a ¾ scale traveling replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.  If you are able, please take the time to visit this event.  You will not be disappointed.  If you are interested in having additional information regarding this event, please contact Skip Cole or myself (Linda).

**Friday August 17th and Saturday August 18th there is a D-Day Premier WWII Living History Event being held at Conneaut, Ohio.  This is another event worth seeing.  For more information go to www.DDAYOHIO.US.  Some of us have been to the event in the past and overwhelmed of the life-like reenactment.

**July 27th – Korean War Ended – 1953. There are some POW remains being returned to the USA today (2018).  This will be a great relief to those family members that lost someone in battle and will be able to put closure to their lives. Pray for the safe travel of those that are transporting these remains.  Thank you to President Trump for making this possible.


July 27th – 1953 End of Korean War

July 30th-Aug 5th – 4th Infantry National Reunion, Green Bay,  WI

August 3rd – Dinner at the Air Base Club.  Contact Chuck Dinges @cdinges@neo.rr.com for reservations.                       

Aug 15th-19th – The “Wall that Heals”; Packard Music Hall South Lawn, WarrenOhio

Aug17th & 18th – D-Day at Conneaut Ohio – Celebrating 74Years since D-Day (WWII)

Please keep in your prayers:

*Syd Krause (he has been moved to a nursing home as of this month). His new address is: Brookdale Senior Living Center, 141 Chestnut Hill, Ravenna, OH  44266; Room 223. 

*George Williams.

*Harry Cracraft – was just diagnosed with cancer in his blood.

*Rick (Chops) Ginkinger, wife and son

*Skip Funk – Skip is still doing therapy, but, doing very good atthis time.

*Ray Dunkel - receiving a spine stimulator today, July 27th

Until next time: 




Hello everyone.  Happy Summer!!  I think a lot of you were on vacation the Saturday of the breakfast.  (I know Elmer and I were).  Sure hope you are having a great time and always be careful and come home safely.

Breakfast was held on June 16, 2018 at 9 am at the Wayside Restaurant, 825 State Road, Warren (Champion), Ohio.  There were “only” 9 people in attendance.  They were:  Skip Cole, Beth Utterback, Lynn Williams, Tom Stalzer, Bob Hafely, Mike Datish, Ken David, Teddy Barritt, and Phil DeCapito.  We are very glad to have each and every one of you come out.  Our next get together will be July 21st.  It will also be held at 9 am at the Wayside Restaurant.  Hoping we have a terrific turnout next month. 

Happy belated Father’s Day to all of you fellows! 

Leigh Ann Zigler had to have her appendix out several weeks ago.  She is recovering nicely and was able to be at the VVA meeting on Monday June 25th.  She and Ken are on their way to Florida to visit Ken’s sons.  Safe travels to them. 

Skip Funk was also at the VVA meeting.  Doctors are amazed at how well he is recovering.  They are going to allow him to start driving.   YEA!!!  I am sure Roxanne is glad of that. 

Nancy Arthur has been keeping me informed of Syd and Ruth Krause.  He is supposed to be released from the facility he has been in for therapy on June 26th.  Have not heard back from her yet.  Please keep both of them in your prayers for healing, comfort and peace and also to make the right decision for Syd. 

Time is running out to make reservations for the National 4th ID reunion in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Dates of the reunion are July 30th to August 4th.  Please see reservation form in the IVY Leaves.  Deadline for reservations is July 8th.  Lets get a great turnout for this 100th Reunion from the Ohio Chapter.

D-Day at Conneaut is August 17-18.  This is a great event.  This is the 74th Anniversary of D-Day.  Make plans to attend and support those that put this event on.  It is very realistic.

The “Wall that Heals” is coming to Warren, Oh.  It will be at the Packard Music Hall South Lawn on August 15th-19th.  This is the traveling replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.  Our Ohio Chapter will be placing a wreath during the event.  (See attachment for information).

For those of you who may be sending out cards to George Williams, the name of the facility is now Continuing Healthcare of Niles, Room 113B, 2565 Niles Vienna Road, Niles, Ohio.  I know he appreciates the cards that are being sent.  Thank you for that (and thank you from Lynn, his wife). 

Please keep those that were mentioned in this newsletter in your prayers.  Also, Pat and Chops (and Brian) Ginkinger.   I understand that a WWII veteran that attends the National Reunions, Joe Motil, had a stroke recently.  He will not be attending the reunion this year.  (That does not make him a happy person).  He will be 100 this July.  


July 4th – Celebrate safely

July 13th – Dinner at the Air Base Club.  Please contact Chuck Dinges @

                   330-360-3562 or dinges@neo.rr.com

July 21st – Breakfast at the Wayside Restaurant

July 30th – August 5th – 100th National 4th ID Reunion in Green Bay, WI

 August 3rd – Dinner at the Air Base Club.  Contact Chuck Dinges @

                   330-360-3562 or dinges@neo.rr.com

August 15th-19th – The “Wall that Heals”; Packard Music Hall South Lawn, Warren, Ohio

August 17th-18th - D-Day at Conneaut celebrating 74 years since D-Day

That’s all I have for this month.  Enjoy your 4th of July celebration!  Hope to see a lot of you out for our next breakfast in July. 



Hello Everyone.  I think spring/summer has finally arrived!  YEA!!!

Breakfast was held on Saturday, May 19th at 9 am at Wayside Restaurant, 825 State Road, Warren (Champion), OH.  There were 24 in attendance.  They were Skip Cole, Harry and Becky Cracraft, Lynn Williams, Elmer Glenn and Linda Rodriguez, Beth Utterback, Lee Pohuski (friend of Diane Hafely), Diane and Bob Hafely, Bill Taneri, Jennings Martin, Mike Datish, Harry Hodge, Ken David, Leigh Ann Zigler, Teddy Barritt, Skip Funk, Rick and Brian Ginkinger, Phil DeCapito, Ron Curry, Jim Letherberry, and Paul Schneider.  A good time was held by all.  The next breakfast will be held June 16th, same time, same place.  Please make plans to attend.  You do not have to be with the 4th I.D. to come and enjoy breakfast.  Ladies are welcome too.

After the breakfast the 4th ID members had their annual business meeting.  The ladies held their annual "Towel Bingo".  The ladies also gave towels to the waitresses.  In the evening, the Flames of Remembrance ceremony and dinner were held at Leo's Ristorante in Warren, Ohio.  There was a very good attendance at the dinner.  The POW/MIA portion of the ceremony was given by Roger Dearmyer.  The recognizing of units ceremony was done by Paul Schneider with Skip Funk and Bob Hafely lighting the candles.  We were blessed to have George Williams with us for dinner.  George did the honors of blessing the food.  It was so good to see him.  He looks good. 

After dinner, our Chinese Auction took place.  There were many very nice donations.  Thank you to everyone who did donate.  Congratulations to those that won prizes.  Thank you to Beth Utterback, Roxanne Funk, Leigh Ann Zigler for their help with the Chinese Auction.  (There are a couple of pictures attached to this email.)

On Friday, May 25, Skip Funk had quadruple (4) by-pass surgery.  He is in Trumbull Memorial Hospital.  As of this morning, he is doing well, just in pain.  His sons came home to be with him.  Please keep Skip in your prayers, along with Roxanne, his wife.  

Kay Schneider was not feeling well and was unable to attend breakfast or the dinner.  Please keep her in your prayers as well.  

Syd Krause is in poor health.  Please keep Syd and Ruth in your prayers.

MEMORIAL DAY Ceremony is being held in Warren on Monday, May 28th beginning at 9 am at the amphitheater.  It will be followed by a parade thru town.  Everyone Welcome to attend.          

May 28 - Memorial Day

June 1 - Dinner at the Air Base Club.  Contact Chuck Dinges @ Cdinges@neo.rr.com or 330-360-3562 for reservations

June 16 - Breakfast at Wayside

June 17 - Fathers Day

July 30-August 4 - National 4th ID Reunion in Green Bay Wisconsin

Until next time,



Hello everyone.  I think spring has finally sprung.  We have had some half decent weather of late. 

A great time was held at the breakfast this last April 21st at the Wayside Restaurant, 825 State Road, Warren (Champion), OH.  There were 24 in attendance.  They were:  Skip Cole, Jim Leatherberry, Bill Taneri, Phil DeCapito, Herl Yeary, Ron Curry, Teddy Barritt, Ralph McMillin, Ken David, Tom Stalzer, Bob and Diane Hafely and Diane’s friend Lee Pohuski, Elmer Glenn and daughter Linda Rodriguez, Harry Hodge, Mike Datish, Harry and Becky Cracraft, Richard (Chops) Ginkinger and his son Brian, George Bossard, Lynn Williams, and Beth Utterback (friend of Skip Cole).   It was so good to see everyone out today.  Our next breakfast is May 19th, which is also our Annual Ohio Chapter Reunion.  Be sure to come and enjoy.

Speaking of the reunion, do you have your reservations made?   A copy of the reservation form with be included with this email.  You will need to get this information to Paul Schneider by May 12th.  We need to get a good turnout.  This is a special time of fellowship and remembrance of 4th Division Veterans.  The day will start with breakfast at the Wayside Restaurant at 9 a.m.  (Address is above), then followed the business meeting for the members while the ladies (and maybe Patrick) will be playing “Towel Bingo”.   In the evening will be the Flames of Remembrance banquet being held at Leo’s Ristorante, 7042 E. Market Street, Warren, OHIO.  It will be begin with a cocktail hour at 5:30 and the Flame of Remembrance Ceremony at 6 Dinner to follow the ceremony.  There will also be a Chinese Auction.  Come and have a great evening with the 4th


Prime Rib Dinner at the Air Base on May 4th.  Contact Chuck Dinges @ 330-360-3562 or email @ CDinges@neo.rr.com

May 28th – Memorial Day  Be sure to attend your local service and celebration.

July 30-Aug 4  - National 4th Infantry Division’s Reunion in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Be sure to get your reservations in for this great event. 

August 15th – The Vietnam Moving wall is coming to Warren.  Make plans to attend. 

I was informed that George Williams birthday is April 30th.  A very happy birthday to George.   I was also told that our Skip Cole had a birthday this month.  Happy Birthday to you.

I think that is all for this month.  Enjoy the spring!! 



Breakfast was held this last Saturday, March 17 (St. Patricks Day) at the Wayside Restaurant, located at 825 State Street N W, Warren (Champion), Oh at 9 a.m.  It was a cold but sunny and dry day.   There were 19 in attendance.  They were:  Skip Cole, Chuck Dinges, "Chops", Ron Curry, Bill Wonders (friend of Bill Taneri), Mike Datish, Elmer Glenn and daughter Linda Rodriguez, Skip #2 Funk, Harry Hodge, Harry and Becky Cracraft, Paul Schneider, George Bossard, Phil DeCapito, Bill Taneri, Jim Leatherberry, Lynn Williams, and Beth Utterback (friend of Skip Cole).  Thank you to each of you for coming out and having a time of fellowship with one another.  It was wonderful to see Chops out for breakfast.  Thank you to George Bossard for bringing him.  Also a special welcome to Bill Wonders and a thank you to Bill Taneri for inviting him.  Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time visiting and talking to one another.   Our next breakfast will be held on April 21st.  Be sure to make plans to attend.

Just a reminder to be sure your 4th ID dues are paid.  They are to be paid to the National 4th ID Division.  See your Ivy Leaves for the address where to send, or contact Skip Cole or Paul Schneider.  


APRIL 1st - EASTER SUNDAY( this is not an April fools joke).   Please be sure to attend your local church service.  
APRIL 6th - PRIME RIB DINNER AT THE AIR BASE. Contact Chuck Dinges for reservation @ cdinges@neo.rr.com or (330)360-3562

MAY 19th - OHIO CHAPTER 4TH ID REUNION.  Begins with breakfast at Wayside @ 9; followed by business meeting for the guys and  "Towel Bingo" for the ladies.  Men, please be sure to invite your wife/significant other/guest.  The Flames of Remembrance Ceremony followed by Banquet will be held at Leo's Ristorante beginning with cocktail hour at 5:30.  Reservations are to be submitted no later than Saturday May 12th.  Reservation form is in the Ivy Leaves.  You may contact Skip Cole, Paul Schneider or myself (Linda) for any additional information or copy of reservation.  Don't miss out on this special occasion.  There will be a Chinese Auction at the end of the evening.  Donations are welcome.  

JULY 30th - AUGUST 4th - NATIONAL 4th IVY DIVISION REUNION.   Reunion is being held in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Now is the time to make hotel reservations and plan your visit to Green Bay for the reunion.  A good turn out by the Ohio Chapter would be nice to see.   Please consider going.  Registration form in the Ivy Leaves.  This will be the 99th reunion of the 4th.  

Continue to keep the Dunkels in your prayers; also George Williams, and Diane Hafely (asthma and chronic sinusitis).  Please let me or Paul or Lynn know if you need any addresses to send out cards to these special people.  Also, if you are aware of anyone that needs to be mentioned, please let me know.  





Our breakfast was held on February 17th at 9:00 am at the Wayside Restaurant, 825 State Street NW, Warren (Champion), Ohio. There were 11 persons in attendance.  They were Skip Cole, Phil DeCapito, Chuck Dinges, Gerald Soslowicz, Leigh Ann Zigler, Ken David, Harry Hodge, Harry and Becky Cracraft, Skip (2) Funk and Bill Taneri.  Thank you for coming!!  Our next breakfast is March 17th.  Mark your calendars and come out to enjoy a breakfast with other veterans (and their spouses/significant others).  Looking forward to seeing a great turnout.

Chops was released from Washington Square and is now at home.  He is doing much better.  Hoping he will be able to come out to breakfast soon.  

George Williams is still in nursing facility.  If you wish to send a card the address is:  Continuing Healthcare of Niles, Room 113B, 2565 Niles Vienna Road, Niles, OH  44446

Your National 4th ID dues are now due.  Please be sure to make your payment.  If you need an address as to where to send them, contact Skip Cole @ 330-719-7347. 

Ohio Chapter annual reunion is on May 19th.  Please mark your calendars for this annual event.  Let's have a great turnout this year.  More information will be available in the next newsletter.  

Also keep in mind the 4th ID National Reunion coming up in July/August in Wisconsin.  More information will be in the Ivy Leaves.  

Prime Rib Dinner at the Air Base Club is March 2.  Please contact Chuck Dinges for reservation (330-360-3562 or CDinges@neo.rr.com

Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead (spring forward) on March 10/11.  Spring is getting closer and closer.

Until next time:



Happy January everyone!   Hope everyone is staying warm and dry.  It won't be long until spring.  Just a few more months.

The breakfast was held on Saturday, January 20th at 9:00 a.m. at the Wayside Restaurant, 825 State Road, Warren (Champion), OH.  This month we had only 16 people in attendance.  Even though it was cool, it was a beautiful day to be out.  Those in attendance were:  Skip Cole, Ron Currey,  Chuck Dingas, Rick Boggs, Teddy Barritt, Phil DeCapito, Gerald Soslowicz, Mike Datish, Diane and Bob Hafely, Paul Schneider, Harry and Becky Cracraft, Bill Taneri, Skip Funk and Linda Rodriguez.  Everyone seemed to be in very good spirits and spent a lot of time conversing with each other, even after breakfast was finished.  We invite all who would like to come out to do so in February.  It will be on the 17th of February at 9:00 am.   Please come and join us.

There wasn't much to report this month, so this will be a very short memo.  

"Prime Rib" Dinner at the Air Force Club on the Air Base in Vienna, OH will be February 9th.  Please contact Chuck Dingas for reservations @ 330-360-3562 or  CDINGES@neo.rr.com

Hockey game on Feb. 17 at the Youngstown Covelli Center; 7:05 p.m.  It is Veteran Appreciation night.  See Skip Cole @ 330-719-7347 for tickets.  He is also going to drop the puck!    

Continue to remember Lorraine and Ray Dunkel in your prayers in the loss of their daughter in December.  Also, Richard Arthurs' brother-in-law passed away (Charles Ripple) on January 1st.  

George Williams is doing good.  Lynn has been having hearing problems to do a cold. 

I saw on Facebook that Chops is not doing so well again since the holidays.  His wife, Pat, had to admit him to the hospital.  He is at St. Joe's, Room 324; phone # 330-841-4693.  Please remember him and his wife and son in your prayers as well.  

Nancy and Richard Arthur went to Florida this month to celebrate her fathers' 90th birthday.  Wishing them safe travels and a wonderful time.  




Happy New Year to everyone.  Hoping everyone survived the incoming of the New Year.  Wishing all of you a very blessed and prosperous year ahead.

The December breakfast was held December 16, 2017 at The Wayside Restaurant, 825 State Road, Warren (Champion) Ohio at 9 a.m.  There were 19 people in attendance.  The following were there:  Skip Cole, Jim Leatherberry and his granddaughter Amy, Bill Taneri, Leigh Ann Zigler, Ken David, Phil DeCapito, Mike Datish, Bob and Diane Hafely and Diane's friend Lee Pohuski, Paul and Kay Schneider, Harry and Becky Cracraft, Harry Hodge, Ron Curry, Skip (2) Funk, and Lynn Williams.  (FYI - Elmer Glenn and Linda Rodriguez were not in attendance as they were attending Elmer's great grandson/Linda's grandson’s wedding in Folly Beach, SC).



The women had their annual Christmas ornament exchange.  A picture of a C-130 plane was presented to Sara, the owner of the restaurant, as a Christmas gift from the group.  A Picture is attached to this message.  There was an article printed in the local Warren newspaper of the presentation to her.  The picture will be mounted on the wall near the group picture of this breakfast group.  She was very surprised and grateful for this gift.

Please keep in your prayers Lorraine and Ray Dunkel of New York.  Their daughter MaryAnn passed away on December 23.  Their daughter and family live in Arizona and Ray and Lorraine are there.  Our deepest and sincere sympathies and prayers going out to that family. 

Our next breakfast will be held on January 20th at Wayside at 9 a.m.  Please make every effort to come and spend time with other veterans.  We welcome the women too.  We ususally have a table of our own and share our own stories.  Come an join us!!

The moving Vietnam Wall will be in Warren, Ohio this coming August.  Specific dates will be forth coming.  Would be nice to have a great turnout to view the wall. 

Not anything else to report at this time.  I do apologize for the lateness of this report. 



Hello everyone! Breakfast was held on November 18th at 9:00 am at the Wayside Restaurant, 825 State Street NW, Warren, Ohio.  There were 11 people in attendance.  They were:  Skip Cole, Chuck Dinges, Ken David, Leigh Ann Zigler, Mike Datish, Harry and Becky Cracraft, Bill Taneri, Paul Schneider, Phil DeCapito, and Lynn Williams.  I understand that a good time was had by all.  Elmer and I were unable to attend and we missed seeing everyone.  The next breakfast will be held on December 16th @ 9:00 am.  The ladies will have a $5.00 Christmas Ornament exchange.  Please invite your wife or significant other to join you in December.  

November 11th was Veterans Day.  There was a wonderful service in Warren, Ohio.  The music was great.  The speakers were very good. There was a very good turnout, even though, it was cold.  There was a nice parade that followed the service.  Unfortunately our chapter group did not have a active part in the parade as we usually do.  I understand that the jeep owned by Bill Taneri broke down and was not able to be in the parade, plus there were so few of the 4th in attendance, so Skip did not put his truck and trailer in the parade.  There was a good luncheon at the new Veterans Service Building in downtown Warren.  

Rick (Chops) Ginkinger has been admitted to the Washington Square Assisted Living Facility in Warren, Ohio.  Not sure when this was done or if this will be a permanent situation.  I am sure he would appreciate a visit or a nice card.  

George Williams is doing much better since the change in his medications.  He is no longer on the breathing machine and his cancer numbers have come down.  He has received a new wheelchair and is able to get up most days and wheel around the building.  What a blessing!

Ken David just became a grandfather.  Congratulations Ken!!!

Dates to Remember:

Saturday, December 1st - Prime Rib dinner at the Air Base.   Be sure to contact Chuck Dinges @ 330-360-3562 or Cdinges@neo.rr.com for reservations.

Monday, December 3rd - Outing at the Ohio Veterans Home in Sandusky.  Must leave by 9 am from Skip Cole’s home.  Call Skip if you need a ride 330-719-7347.  

Saturday, December 16th - Breakfast at Wayside Restaurant.

That's it for this month, so until next month,

Happy Thanksgiving to all 

Welcome Home


Hello everyone.  We held breakfast at Wayside Restaurant, 825 State Road, Warren (Champion), OH on October 21st at 9:00 am.  15 people were in attendance.  They were:  Skip Cole, Phil DeCapito (Navy Veteran); Chuck Dinges; Becky and Harry Cracraft; Leigh Ann Zigler; Ken David; Harry Hodge; Jim Leatherberry; Guy Franchino; Paul Schneider' Skip Funk; Elmer Glenn and myself, Linda Rodriguez.  It was another good day and a nice time to socialize and fellowship with veterans and guests.  It was so nice to see Guy Franchino there this Saturday.  I do believe this was his very first breakfast with the group.  Thank you so much for coming Guy. This was Phil DeCapito's first visit also.  Phil was in under water demo (before they called them the Seals) and blew a dam in North Korea to save many marines who were trapped and killing 130 thousand enemies.  We certainly thank you Phil for your service and sacrifice to our country in time of need.  Our next breakfast will be November 18, again at 9 a.m. at the Wayside Restaurant.  We will be taking a collection that Saturday for the Christmas gift we give to Sara for allowing us to meet there every month.  Please be prepared to give back a little for all that she does. 

I had the pleasure of sitting next to Leigh Ann this Saturday and she informed me of the great success of the 2017 Trumbull County Homeless Veteran Stand Down Day.  It was held Tuesday October 17 in Warren, Oh.  There were at least 50 veterans serviced with boxes of different kind of items. This picture shows the loaded truck and some of the people involved.  Thank you to all who participated.

A Certificate of Appreciation to the Ohio Chapter for the care and maintenance of the 4th Divisions Battle Monuments in France was recievecd from Bert Nicholson.  Congratulations 4TH ID.


Friday November 3,   4:30-7:30   Prime Rib Dinner at the Air Force Club.   Please contact Chuck Dinges for reservation.  (330) 360-3562.  I understand there is other dinners available other than the Prime Rib.  Check with Chuck for other options.

Saturday, November 11, 2017  This is your day Veterans!  Veterans Day 2017.  There will be a service in Warren, Ohio at the First Presbyterian Church, Mahoning Ave, Warren, Oh., Service begins at 11; music starts at 10:30; parade will follow after the service at approx. 12:15.  Please do your best to join the Veterans of all branches of service for this wonderful day.  If you are unable to attend in Warren, Ohio, then please attend at a local service near you.  All Veterans deserve to be recognized especially on this day.

Saturday/Sunday, November 4th &5th - Time to change your clocks back 1 hour.  Yes, it is Fall (backwards).  It might be a good time to change any batteries operating clocks, smoke alarms, and CO Detectors. 

Thursday, November 23- THANKSGIVING DAY!!! 

Continue to keep in your prayers George Williams, Chops, & Lynn Williams.  George has had to have his medications increased; Chops is doing better physically; Lynn Williams was suffering with a terrible cough and was unable to get out to breakfast.   Also keep in your prayers Lorraine and Ray Dunkle of New York for their physical needs.  If you are aware of anyone that needs to be mentioned, please contact Skip Cole or myself, Linda Rodriguez (412)596-3861.

Until Next Time - WELCOME HOME


Hello everyone.  Here is your monthly breakfast report.

Breakfast was held on September 16, 2017 at Wayside Restaurant, 825 State Road, Warren, OH  44483 at 9 am.  17 people were in attendance. They were Skip Cole, Ron Currey, Chuck Dinges, Jim Leatherberry, Leigh Ann Zigler, Ken David, Harry and Becky Cracraft, Harry Hodge, Jennings Martin, Bill Taneri, John Van Orden, Elmer Glenn and Linda Rodriguez, Skip Funk, Paul Schneider, and Lynn Williams.  It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and was good to see all that came out.  John VanOrden surprised us with his visit.  He is from Proctor, WV.  It was so good to see him.  He has been unable to get to our reunions the last couple of years.  Thank you John for taking the time to come and visit. 

Our next breakfast will be Saturday, October 21st at 9 am.  Be sure to come out and have fellowship with all of us.

On Thursday, September 7, 2017, “PATROIT DAY’ was celebrated at The Lube in Austintown, OH.  Thirteen Veterans were honored that day.  Our Skip Cole was honored along with Leigh Ann Zigler (Citizen of the Year – Warren, OH).   Congratulations to both of them, and, of course, to the other veterans.  

(Pictured Skip Cole and Leigh Ann Zigler)

Prime Rib Dinner at the Air Base is October 13th (Friday).  The detailed information is attached.  If you have any questions, please contact Chuck Dinges @ 330-360-3562 or CDINGES@neo.rr.com

I know this is only the end of September, but, mark your calendars for the upcoming Veterans Day celebration in November.  The 11th is on a Saturday, so I am assuming at this time the  parade will be held that day.  This is a very special day to honor all veterans.  Make plans to attend. 

Please keep in your prayers Ray and Lorraine Dunkel of New York.  They are dealing with some health issues and have found it very hard to travel to our reunions.  Also remember George Williams who is still living in a nursing home and having some difficult health issues.   I understand that Chops is doing very well.  So glad he is recovering from his illnesses. If you are aware of anyone that needs added to our list for prayer, please contact Skip Cole, or email me (Linda Rodriguez).  A card will be sent out to them. 

Until next time – WELCOME HOME


As stated in previous reports many attended the National Reunion held in Colorado Springs, CO the week of August 13-19.  Those from the Ohio Chapter were Skip Cole, Skip Funk, Diane and Bob Hafely, Paul and Kay Schneider, Richard and Nancy Arthur, Guy and Debbie Franchino, Roger and Sue Dearmeyer, Ron Fisher and Marianne Povich (from Washington, PA), Elmer Glenn, and Linda Rodriguez.  A wonderful time was had by all. 

All veterans who wished to march in the Pass and Review did so on Thursday at Fort Carson.  There were a lot of them including 4 WWII veterans.  Our own Elmer was one of the four and he stood upright during the march.  How exciting and honoring to see all the veterans participate.

Gerry Howard was also recognized for all of the monuments that have been erected over the years for the different regiments of the 4th ID.  Thank You Gerry!!!  There were over 500 in attendance at the Flames of Remembrance Banquet held on Saturday evening.  Richard Bolin was awarded the Ralph E Lingert Award this year.  There were 10 scholarships awarded to students attending college.  The keynote speaker was MG Ryan F Gonsalves, Commanding General of the 4th ID and Fort Carson.  He was an excellent speaker; encouraging our division to continue remaining "STEADFAST AND LOYAL". 

We also heard from Bob Babcock, who has stepped down as the president of the 4th ID this year, but, will remain involved. The newly elected president is Jerry Bumpus.  Our next National reunion will be held July 31 - August 4 2018 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

Keep in your prayers George Williams.  According to Lynn he now has congestive heart failure along with his cancer numbers going up.  Also remember Sid Krause, Jim Leatherberry, and any others that are in need of prayer. Keep our USA in your prayers as well, and at this time those that are in the path of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.  

If you wish, you may contact me (Linda Rodriguez), or Skip Cole with any others wanting/needing prayer. 

Blessings & WELCOME HOME



Then Commanding General Maj. Gen. Ryan F. Gonsalves, 4th Infantry Division and Fort Carson, meets with Elmer Glenn, a World War II veteran who landed at Utah Beach and fought in the battles of the Bulge and Huertgen Forest, Aug. 17, 2017, at Founders Field during Iron Horse Week activities. (Photo by St