Ivan Berman | 124th Sig Bn 68-69 

Just found this web site today 7/28/13 , would like to email or tx or talk to any who were there when I was and might know me . WELCOME HOME MY BROTHERS !

Robert Houston | 4th ID 6 June 1944 

I am an exhibit builder and consultant with the Jacksonville Museum of Military History, Jacksonville, Arkansas. I am enhancing our D-Day exhibit for the 70th anniversary next 6 June. I am trying to find pictures of a 4th ID soldier that landed on D-Day. Rank, whether or not the soldier survived is unimportant as long as he was from Arkansas. If anyone can help me with this, please e-mail me at We want to honor all the men that participated with our overall exhibit, but want to focus on an Arkansan. Thank you, Robert

Wally Allport | 1/10 cav HHT Scout Platoon 69-70 

Hi Does anyone know the name of Grant Jackson's Company that was selling merchandise at the reunion this year I'm trying to get A hold of him to see if he still has 1/10 cav ballmarkers but I can't remember there Company name they were out of Chicago, Illinois thanks Wally

Bill Redmond | 4th Transportation Co. 1967 

Thanks to all the hard working members of the Carolina Chapter for planning and managing a great reunion. It was an excellent location for the reunion.

Andrea and I had a wonderful time and are already looking forward to next year in Lexington, Kentucky.

A special thanks to Mr. Gerry Howard and all the others who made the 4th Infantry Division Memorial Monument at the Infantry Museum "Walk of Honor" a reality. This is a world class Monument that we should all be very proud of.

Randy Martz | C/6/29th Arty-65-67 

You Are All Great Americans. Can Do.

Sue Gass

A great Reunion, many thanks to the Carolina's chapter for all your hard work! You really went all out to insure that all of us had everything we needed.

Thank you to the Association for honoring Bruce and myself. It was quite a surprise and a very humbling experience.

And a really special experience when the guys from Bruce's unit in Vietnam (D/22nd Inf) showed up in person for their special reunion--hadn't seen each other in 40+ years. AWESOME!

Great to meet our current MOHR Clint Romesha and his beautiful wife Tammy. They are very special people and we hope to see a lot more of them in the future. If you missed this Reunion we missed you. Know some who were planning to be there but circumstances prevented it. Hope to see you next year. STEADFAST AND LOYAL!

Bruce Wesley | A&B Btrys 5th/16th Arty 67-68 

What a great reunion! Thanks to all the hard working people who helped make it a great time for all.
Looking forward to next year at Lexington, Ky. I ask only one thing and that is we want to see more
of our 4th Infantry Units who have there reunions to come join us at the National Reunion.

We look forward to seeing you and you won't be disappointed.
Steadfast and Loyal
Bruce Wesley PS You guys with the 5th/16 need to get to the reunion.

Terry Weibel | 1/10 Cav 1971 

Just got home from a great reunion. Charlene and I had a wonderful time seeing everyone again. A tip of the Stetson to the Carolinas chapter who did an outstanding job of planning and running the reunion.

John S. Kapior | A Trp 1/10 Cav 66-67 

Great Reunion I Salute All especially Capt. Mac and the 10th Cav....... God Bless All

Bruce Gass | D/1st/22nd Infantry 

Another great reunion in the books. Probably the best one yet for me. Had a chance to be with 4 of the men at I served with in Nam. And one of the greatest honors was bestowed on me by the Association. I can never Thank You enough.

Larry Rodabaugh | Company B 1st Batt 8th reg 4th division 

Am looking for men who served with B Company 1st Battalion 8th Infantry Regiment 4th Infantry Division from Ft Lewis Washington through the summer of1967
Especially those who served in a battle known as the 9 days in May starting on the 18th of May 1967
We are holding a reunion-the frst since 1982- from september 19 through september 22
For more information contact me at the above e-mail address


Eileen Mejia sent a message using the contact form at

From Eileen Mejia

I'm helping a friend find information on her father's WWII time. She knows that he was in the 4th Division and landed at Normandy. Unfortunately she doesn't know what Regiment, Battalion or Company he was assigned. His name and rank was Technician 5 Arthur Palagonia, #32157103 She tried to go through miliatary records but was told that the fire in St Louis destroyed his records. Is there any chance that the 4th Infantry Division Society can assist? She would love to tell her children about his place in history.


Emma Mejia

dick halstead | a co 4th avn. we flew out of camp enari. 

hello 4th avn there is now an web site just for us.we would welcome any av people to join us.if you were in any capacity come on down.pilots crew chief door gunner. what ever.
4thavn. should get you there.welcome home my brothers/sisters
ooops past or present it doesn't matter.take care dick halstead

Johnny Benson | 1st. Bn. 12th Inf. Co. C 4th Inf. Div 

Trying to locate the following men I served with in Nam in 68-69, if their is anyone out there
that can help me, I would appreciate it. The last contact I had with them was 1/69 we were station on LZ Swanger, we were hit and I was Med out. I'm hoping they made it back the world. ok-thanks Wishing you all the best.
Omar McCarter
Rex Ricker
Dave Devochek
Bob Lewis


From Michael Boxer

The Department of Defense announced today the death Spc. William R. Moody, 30, of Burleson, Texas, all assigned to 68th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 43rd Sustainment Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Carson, Colo who was in support Operation Enduring Freedom.

He died June 18, in Bagram, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when enemy forces attacked their unit with indirect fire.

Ramsey | d co 1st/8th 4th Inf Div Aug 1967- Sept 1968 

Looking for Henderson, Childress or others present when NVA ambush got Poncho on point.

Steven Hyde | A Co. 4th Avn Bn 4th Inf Div 66-68 

Company call sign Blackjack.
I was a Huey Crew Chief in 3rd Platoon (Renegade).
I have 3 pages of firing scores from the .38 caliber firing range in December 1966, just prior to shipping out to Pleiku in January of 1967. Email me to see if you're on it.

Rich Hussey | C.Co 3/12 Inf. 4th Inf. Div. 1969  

Dieter Willert, Lema Papa 3-3 .This is Rich Hussey 3-3 Charlie. Romea India Papa Good Buddy. Rich OUT.

Edward Shelton | 3/12 4th Div, May 67-68 

Searching for individuals in A or B Company during May 67-68. Found our squad leader, Butch Sweeney. Doug from Kentucky, Medic, we called Doc from Pilly and Underwood from Ohio. Other names I can not recall. Sweeney and I met this Winter in Florida.


ken cushing | A Co. 3/12 Dec. 67- Dec68 first platoon 

Hi anyone out there from my time line? I've been looking for years and Zilch. I see many posts from other units but none from us.

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