John P. Ferrante | B Company 3rd Battalion 12th Infantry 1966-1967 

Today marks the 45th anniversary of the battle known as "The 9 Day's in May." A battle which honored the 1st Brigade another Presidential Unit Citation.

Excerpts from the After Action Report and the Presidential Unit Citation follow:

In May 1967 the 1st Brigade launched a major military operation against a large North Vietnamese force in the jungle east of the Cambodian border N/W of Duc Co. Nine days of heavy fighting began on May 18 when Co. 'B' 1st Battalion, 8 Inf came under ground attack by a battalion size enemy force. As the intensity of fighting increased, the fourth platoon became separated from its company and came under a heavy rocket attack. After repeated attempts to aide the platoon were blocked by a superior enemy force and the platoon was being overrun, the platoon called artillery fire on its own position. Artillery, Air and Gunships, as well as the devastating fire from the men of Company B forced the enemy to withdraw. Company A was helilifted into the area. They found 8 members still alive and 119 NVA KIA. There was sporadic contact the following 2 days.

On the evening of May 20 Company A, B, and C 1st Battalion 8th Inf came under heavy mortar and ground attack. The besieged companies met the challenge and repelled the enemy onslaught after 2 hours of fierce fighting. 37 NVA bodies were found.

On May 21, Companies A and B of The 3rd Battalion 12th Infantry quickly maneuvered over jungle-mated mountains to block the enemy from withdrawing west to its Cambodian sanctuary and to link up with the 1st Battalion 8th Infantry. On the morning of May 22 the enemy attacked companies A and B on three sides as they surged forward in waves to overrun their position. Heavy close-in fighting raged for 4 hours until the enemy broke contact mid morning and retreated. 78 NVA were found KIA. Company C and re-enforcements comprised of Headquarters Company staff personnel were lifted in to replace Company A. On May 24, Company B was digging in for the night when they began receiving mortar fire followed by a ground attack. Company C and the re-enforcements moved into Company B's position and the attack was repulsed. A sweep of the battlefield the next morning found 37 NVA KIA.

On May 26, Company B and C, 3rd Battalion 8th Infantry were attacked by a NVA battalion and formed a defensive perimeter. Fierce fighting ensued. The enemy withdrew leaving 96 NVA KIA.

The combined fortitude, determination and unwavering courage of the 1st Brigade's personnel rendered two NVA Regiments ineffective and totally disrupted the 1967 summer monsoon offensive in the Central Highlands. The devotion to duty and extraordinary heroism of the 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division and its assigned, attached and supporting units, reflect distinct credit on themselves and the Armed Forces of The United States.

JLNolan | D-1-8 A-1-8 '68-69 

Remember Joe Fowler, 4th Platoon, D-1-8- KIA 5/16/69 while walking point near An Khe.

Allison Sudyka Avrett | 4th inf div Fort Lewis Washington 

My father Richard C. Sudyka served with the 4th inf.div. in 1962.He passed away in Nov of 2011 and I am trying to find anyone who knew him..From what i understand my father came home a much diffrent person then the boy who left home.He was an amazing father husband and friend..He was always so quiet not a man of many words..I believe he left a part of himself in Vietnam that me and my sisters never got to see..But we are ok with that our father loved us unconditionaly and we new that even if the words were never said..We understood..But my son will never know the love of sitting down with him and just being..He will never know the man he was before or after and i would like to tell him in detail how proud we are of him and his journeys and all the places he went and what he was like..If anyone can help this family would love to hear from email is

Steven Hyde | D Trp 1/10 Cav Ft Lewis; A Co 4th Avn Pleiku 

I was a Crewchief in A Company 4th Aviation Battalion in Pleiku. When I got out of AIT in Ft Rucker I was sent up to Ft Lewis with a bunch of other guys and assigned to D Trp 1/10 Cav. until we formed up and reactivated A Co and went to Texas to get our new Hueys. I was wounded on Oct 1, 1967 and in December transferred to the 281st Assault Helicopter Company in Nha Trang and flew out of Hue Phu Bai until May of '68.

David Elmore | 377 AAA AW BN 

My father, Oaty H Elmore was a member of the 377 AAA AV BN, landed on Utah Beach and made it all the way thru the war. he died in 1988 in Charleston WV, he had 2 sons, David Elmore, me, USMC, and my brother Steve who still lives in WV.

I live in Nashville.

My father never spoke of the war and other than a few small things I learned after his death know little of what he did then.

He was a good father and I miss him very much.

Jerry Cody | Delta Co, 3rd Bde, 1/14 1969-70 

Am interesting in making contact with anyone in the 2nd Plt in Viet Nam. Nickname was "Wild Bill" and was a Platoon Leader and later the XO for the company. Currently reside in Georgia.

Lichti Emery L. | 1/61Inf Mec. 1/29F.AHHC/HHB74-76 

looking for lee Traveno

Willard E. Robershaw | Aug. 67-68 42FA. 69 - 70 Nov. 69 -April 70 2/9FA April 70 6/29 FA. 

Would like hear from anyone.

Donell Campbell | 4th Inf.Div. "B" Battery 42nd Arty Jul 66-Aug 67 

I would love to here from anyone that served under Capt.Harold V.Floody in Pleiku

Joseph Greico | 1/12 vietmam 66-67 4th div. 

Hi every body I would like to here from anybody that I served with.

Mary Glider | 1943-45 

this question was about my father. PFC. Frederick J kendra. He drove truck in army. 4th infantry. I have written many time trying to find a picture of his unit or him. He was from the youngstown ,salem ohio area. Anyone who may know where to write or if someone in his unit remembers and have a picture they could share. would greatly appreciate it. My Father passed away in 1998.
Thank You, Mary Glider

Jim Neeley  | C Co, 2/22 4th & 25 Division, 65'-67' 

Charlie Company, 2/22 4th & 25 Division, 1965'-1967' VN, is having a Reunion in Aberdeen, Wa, July 26-July 29.

For details, contact Jim Neeley, 419 S.
Clark, Aberdeen, Wa., 98520. Or call 360-533-0608.
E-mail address is
Also our website is

There will be a ocean Salmon Fish trip at Westport, Bar-B-Que, Trip to the Olympics Mts., memorial Service for Johnny Chambers, Dinner on Sat.

It will be great to get together again!

Thank You, Jim Neeley

Bob Murphy | HHC 6/32 '73-'75 

I was a medic with 6/32 for two and a half of the best years of my life at Fort Carson. Vietnam was winding down but I was lucky enough to serve with many great people after their tours there. I seldom see many people looking for friends they served with from the peacetime years with the 4th. Anyway if anyone was in my unit or did their time at the old Mule Barn area barracks drop me a line. I'd especially like to hear from anyone that knew some WACS from the old hospital. Sue Nickum,Linda Seimens,Marie Campbell,Pat Woods and Debbie Hill. I regret now that in my haste to come home I didn't arange to keep in touch. Why do our service years always look good as we get further down the road?

don lovett | 4th inf 4th 42nd art 1967 


james brown | HHC 124th Signal Bn, 1968-1969 

I am getting old and I still remember serving...from time to time I remember faces but not names...I remember An Khe, Pleiku and the I Drang valley...I recall sappers getting in and blowing up helicopters...I remember armored road patrols...I can never forget the smell of VietNam nor the sounds of the artillery and helicopters, the rattle of the M60's and M16s...I often wonder why I lived and others died...From time to time I look at my 4th Inf patch that I kept and I get tearey eyed...I am proud to have served with such brave men....

Rodolfo Bartol | CO B 4TH S&T BN 4TH INFANTRY DIV 2ND BRIGADE 1966-1967 


guy vaughn | 2nd batt 8th inf 4th divison 1966/1967 

would like to here from anyone that was a cook.

George Ellars | D 4/68 Ar,2 Bde,4th ID 1984-1986 

Would like to hear from James Martinelli (Motzanelli).


Am grandson of Geoffry R Jones purple heart veteran of WW2. THANK YOU!

james doaty | 1968-69  

i served with a-c btry .The a btry was a 1lt Russell who in my years in the army was the best officer there was.would like to hear from the 5/16 guys from a-c btry

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