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Wisconsin's 37: The Lives of Those Missing in Action in the Vietnam War
Book by Erin Miller and John B. Sharpless

The signing of the Paris Peace Accords in 1973 signified the end of the Vietnam War. American personnel returned home and 591 American prisoners held captive in North Vietnam were released. Still, 2,646 individuals did not come home. Thirty-seven of those missing in action were from Wisconsin. Their names appear on the largest object—a motorcycle (now part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Collection)—ever left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Using the recollections of the soldiers’ families, friends and fellow servicemen, the author tells the story of each man’s life.

One of the men featured in the book, Staff Sergeant James VanBendegom, served in B Company, 1st Battalion, 12th Regiment of the 4th Infantry Division in 1967. He was in Vietnam for three weeks before his unit was ambushed on July 12, 1967. Jim was MIA for decades before his remains were recovered in 2014


Bruce Hopkins served as a platoon leader in Company D, 1/12th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division in 1970. He enlisted from Laurel, Maryland in 1968.  In May 1969, he completed Infantry OCS.  Bruce ended up serving a total of 29 years in the Active, Reserve, and Guard.  He currently lives in Spotsylvania, Virginia.



Vietnam Tour Programs - MilSpec Tours operates specialized group tour and meeting programs worldwide. We specialize in military, historical, educational, and cultural tours as well as meetings and reunion operations.      



Robert "Bob" H. Sholly COL, USA (Ret)  His book Young Soldiers, Amazing Warriors is about his service with 1/8INF as they arrived in Vietnam in 1966.






'A Soldier's Journey’ by George Graves - George is a member of the National 4ID Association and previewed his book and picture CD at the National Reunion in July.Contact George by email for details.




The “Boots on the Ground"artwork was displayed at the 2013 and 2014 reunions.  Check it out at this link.


Deeds Publishing – Preserving Life’s Experiences for Future Generations

Bob Babcock, Past President and Historian of the National 4th Infantry Division Association has focused on preserving the history of 4ID, from WWII through today. Check our site and see what we have available. And – if you have a book idea, let us know if we can help you get it published

Books Make Great Gifts

As you start your holiday gift buying, let me encourage you to consider one of many great books that Deeds Publishing (my company) has published over the past several years. Let me suggest the following for starters - or simply go to and browse through our selection of military, coffee table, novels, children's, and inspirational books. And, virtually all of our books are also available in e-book format on Kindle, Nook, and iPad.

World War II WAC- Helen Denton, now 90 years old, typed the D-Day orders for Ike... and met her future husband on Utah Beach. Just released in early November, this is a great book that all will enjoy - and 50% of profits will be donated to USO Georgia to use in supporting our troops.

Siren's Song- Antonio Salinas has recounted his experiences serving with 2-12 IN of 4ID during the 4BCT deployment to the Pesh River Valley of Afghanistan in 2009-2010. He is offering the e-book version at a very special price of 99 cents over Thanksgiving weekend, ending on Tuesday when it reverts back to the regular price.

Hardscrabble Road- an excellent novel of growing up poor in south Georgia in the 1930's and 1940's. An inspirational story of overcoming challenges. This book has been compared to "To Kill a Mockingbird" and has been nominated for several prestigious awards that will be decided early in 2013.

Barns of Old Milton County- a 264 page full color coffee table book of barns. First published a year ago, we sold it out before Christmas last year and the second printing is now available as a great gift for those who love beautiful barns and the histories of the families who kept them going.

What Now, Lieutenant?- many of you have followed my work with the 4ID since 2003, now you can read the story of my experiences as a rifle platoon leader and executive officer with B/1-22 IN, 4ID in Vietnam in 1966-1967.

The above are just a sprinkling of the over 50 books available at - if you want to order multiple books shipped to the same address, send me an email or call me and I'll help you out with saving on shipping, and giving you suggestions on how to pick the book to help you with your holiday gift giving needs.