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Two types of Scholarships are available from the National 4th Infantry (IVY) Division Association Scholarship Trust: the E.R. Smith Memorial Scholarship and the Annual Educational Scholarships.

The E.R. Smith Memorial Scholarship – named in honor of Platoon Sergeant Elmenlindo R. Smith, C /2-8th Infantry, posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for action in Vietnam, 16 February 1967.

The Annual Educational Scholarships are awarded each year through a drawing held during the annual National Reunion or at a time and place designated by the committee.

The Scholarship Trust Committee has announced it will fund up to (10) ten $2,000 educational scholarships annually per the current Annual Scholarship drawing policy.

All eligible E.R. Smith Memorial scholarships will be honored.

The National 4th Infantry (IVY) Division Association established a 501(c)(3) scholarship trust August 29, 1969. Contributions to the trust are tax deductible. The trust agreement sets forth guidelines for a trust to be used exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the United States. A Scholarship Committee, not to exceed six members, headed by the National President of the Association shall direct the distribution of scholarships.

At the time of its creation during the peak of the Vietnam War, the primary focus of the trust was helping with the educational needs of the children of fallen 4ID soldiers. At this the fund was very successful helping many children with thousands of dollars in aid. In 1996, the trust fund had completed all eligible recipients of the Vietnam Era.

Since the completion of the eligible Vietnam era recipients the trust has been organized to award two types of scholarships - Memorial and Annual educational scholarships.

E. R. Smith Memorial Scholarships - shall be awarded to the child, children, step-children or legally adopted child or children of those soldiers of the Fourth Infantry Division who died while serving with the Fourth Infantry Division in Iraq, Afghanistan and/or the War against Terror. Download / Print the Memorial Scholarship request form. Membership in this Association is not a condition precedent for application for a Memorial Scholarship.

Annual Scholarships - A regular member of this Association in good standing may personally apply for, or may submit an application for, a scholarship for his or her child, children or step-children, legally adopted child or children and/or grandchild, grandchildren or step-grandchildren. Download / Print the Annual Scholarship request form.  Regular members in good standing would include - All persons who, at any time, honorably served in, or who are now serving in, the Fourth Infantry Division or who honorably served in, or who are now serving in units assigned or attached to the Fourth Infantry Division are eligible for regular membership, with your appropriate membership fees paid.

Notice: Applications for Annual Scholarships will not be accepted at the annual reunion. Applications must be mailed to the Secretary of the Scholarship Committee before the June 15 deadline each year using the appropriate form (or photocopy thereof). Requests for Memorial Scholarships will take precedence. The number and the amount of Scholarships awarded to Memorial recipients and in the Annual Scholarship drawing held at the National Reunion Banquet each year will be determined by the committee based on the Scholarship Program Guidelines and announced in their report at the annual Business Meeting. Consult the Scholarship Committee or the Constitution and Bylaws for a complete list of requirements.

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The National 4th Infantry (IVY) Division Association is organized as a non-profit 501(c)(4) - 170(c)(3) War Veterans’ organization. Donations made to the Association and its Funds may be tax deductible, consult your tax advisor. Contributions of any size are greatly appreciated.

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