Ralph E Lingert Award

Ralph E. Lingert The Ralph E. Lingert Service Award is the highest award that can be given by the National 4th Infantry (IVY) Division Association.

The Ralph E. Lingert Service Award is named in honor of Past National President and Financial Secretary Ralph E. Lingert. It is a lifetime achievement  award that shall be presented to the National 4th Infantry (IVY) Division Association member who is deemed to have shown the type of devotion to duty and Steadfast and Loyal dedication to the National 4th Infantry (IVY) Division Association that was found to be synonymous with the name Ralph E. Lingert. The recipient will be announced and the award presented at the National Reunion banquet each year.


1. Candidate must be a member in good standing for a minimum of three years immediately preceding his/her nomination.
2. Past recipients may be nominated.


1. Any member of the Association in good standing may nominate a candidate.
2. Any Chapter (with the concurrence of the Chapter President) may nominate a candidate.
3. Nominations must be in writing outlining the candidate's outstanding accomplishments as to the development, perpetuation and service to his/her Chapter and/or the National 4th Infantry (IVY) Division Association.
4. Each member and/or Chapter may only make one nomination per year.
5. Nominations must be mailed or E-mailed to the Executive Director, for review and selection by the Executive Board. All nominations must be received by April 15th each year.


1. The Executive Director will submit all valid nominations to the Executive Board for review. The Executive Board will select the recipient from the valid nominations received. Any member of the Executive Board whose name is placed in nomination shall exclude himself/herself from the entire selection process. Selection of the recipient must be made by June 1st each year, or a minimum of 30 days prior to the National Reunion (whichever is sooner).


1. At the National Reunion banquet, the recipient will be announced and presented with a plaque bearing his/her name and appropriate wording.
2. In the event that the recipient is not in attendance at the National Reunion banquet, the announcement will still be made and the plaque will be mailed to the recipient.
3. Efforts will be made to maintain a perpetual plaque at the 4th Infantry Division Headquarters or Museum bearing the names of all recipients of the Ralph E. Lingert Service Award. The decision of the Executive Board is final. After the selection process has been completed, all non selected nominations will be voided. Nominations will not carry over from year to year.
Discretionary changes of an emergency nature may be made to these guidelines as needed with the approval of a majority of the Executive Board.


1997 Earl H. Kohlberger Achievements in membership recruitment over many years.

1998 James D. Roan – service to the Association.

1999 Francis X. Bradley – Past National President, longtime IVY LEAVES editor, New England Chapter officer.

2000 Rev. George W. Knapp – Association Chaplain for many years.

2000 Richard A. Sover – Past National President, long time Illinois Chapter Treasurer.

2001 Paul E. Brunelle – Past National President, long time National Archivist.

2001 Gerhard O. Gramp – Past National President, Monument Fund Treasurer, Arlington Monument Fund Treasurer.

2002 Elmer J. Klaus – Past National President, Long time Ohio Chapter Treasurer, Many time National Reunion Chairman.

2002 Leo S. Jereb – Past National President, Association Goodwill Ambassador for many years.

2003 Roger S. Barton – Past Executive Director, Financial Secretary, Registrar, and Jr. Vice President, Past IVY LEAVES editor, 2 time National Reunion Chairman, Arlington Monument Committee member and long time National Office holder. Long time Capital Chapter officer.

2003 Joseph Motil – Past National President and Lehigh Valley Chapter Treasurer for many years.

2004 Robert O. Babcock – Past 2 Term National President, Driving force behind building of 4IDA National Monument, Compiled 4IDA book, During the Iraqi War compiled news for families to be posted on the 4IDA Website and acted as liason between the 4th Infantry Division and the 4IDA.

2005 Wayne A. Brown – National Treasurer for many years, long time member of various National Committees.

2006 Tallie J. Crocker – Secretary of the National Scholarship Fund from its start in 1968 until 1996. One of the founders of the Carolinas Chapter and Secretary/Treasurer of that Chapter for its first five years.

2007 Gerry W.Howard– Past National President, Gerry was instrumental in the design, approval process and construction of the 4IDA National Monument. Gerry chaired the Monument Committee and worked tirelessly until the monument was completed, dedicated and turned over to the U.S Park Service. Without his efforts, the 4IDA National Monument would never have been completed in a timely manner.

2008 Gregory Rollinger - Past editor of Ivy Leaves for several years.  Later became Executive Director of the Association.

2009 Raymond H. Dunkel - Past National President.  Treasurer of the Ohio Chapter.

2010 David H. McNerney - Honorary National President. Years of Steadfast and Loyal support of the Association and the Soldiers of the Division. David is an inspiration to all, a true American hero. 

2011 Richard J. Adams - Past National President, has held many National and Chapter offices and is currently Vice President - Planning, National Treasurer, and Webmaster. Past Carolinas Chapter President and long time Carolinas Treasurer.

2012 Roger R. Dufek - Past National President, Past Wisconsin Chapter President, currently Vice President – Communications and Chairman of Reunion Advisory Committee.  Roger and wife Linda are well known for their reunion planning, raffles and support of the organization and the 4ID Soldiers.

2013 Raymond A. Harton - Founding member of the Spotswood DeWitt chapter and the driving force to find, recruit and build up the membership of the 6/29th FA chapter to honor all who served. Truly 'Steadfast & Loyal'.

2013 Bruce Gass - Past National President, Chapter President, National Secretary, has Chaired and Served on several committees, including National Reunion Planning, Resolutions, Nominations, and Scholarship. Devoted 'Steadfast & Loyal' supporter of the Association.   

2014 Don E. Kelby - Executive Director, past National Senior Vice President, past President of Midwest chapter.

2015 Alex Cooker - Past National President and first from the Vietnam era and longtime secretary of the Scholarship committee

2015 Michael P. May - Longtime Judge Advocate / Parliamentarian providing legal advice for the Association. Active in his community assisting retired police and the developmentally disabled. He also provides soldiers with legal assistance through the Maryland Defense Force.

2016 Herbert ‘Herb’ Shore – National Vice President – WWII / Cold War Era, longtime advocate for Cold War era service recognition and an active member of the Carolinas Chapter and the Association

2016 Glenn ‘Rusty’ ArmstrongIvy Leaves Editor; National Vice President – Communication, reunion planning committee, and active member of the Wisconsin chapter and the Association

2017 Richard W. Bolin - National Sergeant-at-Arms, Past President and active member of the Carolinas Chapter.

2018 Philip M. Menendez - Past National President, Carolinas Chapter President, and currently the Secretary of the Scholarship Committee.