Is This Your Patch!  Join Your Association Now!

Here's a list of benefits of Membership in your Association.

1) A Rally Point for all 4ID veterans – Soldier's today are focused on many things and you may not be thinking that much about staying in touch with those you fought with but history shows that vets from all eras want to find their 'foxhole buddies'. Since 1919 the 4IDA has been the place to find and stay connected with buddies, both now and in the future.

2) A web site for information about 4ID – regularly updated, our recently enhanced web site,, contains history, current events, list of national and chapter officers, the latest “4ID Updates”, details on all our Medal of Honor recipients, information on national and chapter reunions, and an online member search and a guestbook/chat room for communicating with other 4ID vets, families, and friends. We welcome any and all suggestions on how to make our web page more valuable to you.

3) Ivy Leaves – quarterly news magazine of the 4IDA – available to regular members in hard copy and Online in PDF format electronically, will keep you up to date on the happenings of the Association. Historic stories submitted by you or your buddies, news about chapter and national events, and a locator to help find lost buddies are among the features of “Ivy Leaves”.

4) Social Media - The National 4th Infantry (IVY) Division Association maintains a Facebook Page with nearly 2,000 members who share their photos and memories as a great way to stay connected. The site is ‘Dedicated to preserving the history and camaraderie of the 4th Infantry Division, past, present and future. It’s a place to make connections with those who served with you and to foster fellowship among veterans.’ It is a ‘Closed Group’ – You can access the Group, Only members can see who’s in and what they post.

5) Eligible for Memorial and Educational Scholarship – each year at the National Reunion a drawing is held from applicants whereby a)  A regular member of this Association in good standing may personally apply for, or may submit an application for, a scholarship for his or her child, children or step-children, legally adopted child or children and/or grandchild, grandchildren or step-grandchildren. b.)  A regular member of this Association in good standing, while a Soldier on active duty, may submit an application for his or her spouse. All eligible E.R. Smith Memorial Scholarships will be honored.

6) Donations to Active 4ID Causes – the 4IDA national association and our individual chapters are the first to step up to help when our current Soldiers and Families need our help. Among key areas we have donated to over the past few years are annual donations to the 4ID Layette Program for parents of new babies, contributions to the building of the 4ID Memorial at Fort Hood, care packages sent to deployed units, and other causes as brought to our attention. The active duty 4ID Soldiers and Families, are our future and we will always be steadfast and loyal in helping in any way we can.

7) Annual National and Chapter Reunions – each year, typically in the summer, we hold our national reunion where 4ID veterans and their Families from all eras and all parts of the country come together for fun and fellowship. Events are planned not just for the vets but also for our Families. Chapter mini-reunions are typically held in the geographic area of the chapter in the fall and spring, another excellent way to stay in touch with fellow 4ID vets and Families.

8) A Source of History about the 4ID – those who served before you in WWII, the Cold War, Vietnam, and during early tours in Iraq and Afghanistan love to tell their stories to our newest members. In addition to hearing stories first hand from our vets, we have history recorded on our web site, a library of books about all parts of 4ID’s 92 year history, including a book on the most recent OIF 07-09 deployment to Iraq, and a bibliography of 4ID books that we gladly share with any who ask for it.

9) Veterans to speak at Brigade, Battalion or Company events – the best way to stay informed about the proud history of the unit they are serving in is to have a veteran of the unit visit them at Fort Carson. We will do our best to provide a veteran with a passion for the 4ID and specific units of the 4ID when we get requests from our current 4ID leadership.

10) Individualized historical research – virtually every week we get requests from Soldiers, Family members, and friends who want to know more about a specific battle or timeframe when a loved one served in the 4ID. With the wealth of information in our archives, including the GWOT, access to many who made that history, and a historian who has studied the 4ID’s history in depth, we can typically help with the requests we receive.

11) Regular contact with 4ID leadership – our Liaison from the 4IDA to the active duty 4ID, Joe Berg, has the responsibility to insure the 4IDA is responsive to the requests and needs of our current 4ID Soldiers and Families. Regular contacts with the CG down through unit leaders help us respond to the ever changing needs of today’s Soldier and his/her Family. 

12)  FRG Support – many of our 4ID veterans, through the national 4IDA or their chapter, have adopted 4ID units and FRGs during deployment, doing whatever we can to help both the deployed Soldiers and the Families at home.

13)  4ID Updates – since OIF started in 2003, the 4ID historian has provided daily to weekly email updates of the good news coming from deployments that the mainstream media refuses to report. Several thousand Soldiers, Family members, veterans, and friends receive each of these electronic email updates.

14)  Veterans and their Families Have Lots in Common – years of working with veterans from all wars and all eras have proven that there is a bond that exists among veterans and the Families who live the experiences with them. It is impossible to list all the unique experiences you will have as a result of association with veterans of the National 4th Infantry Division Association. It may come in the form of listening to war stories from WWII to the present time, help in finding a job or getting acclimated to life after you get out of the Army, individual friendships with veterans of your own era or who are old enough to be your great-grandfather. We are one big happy Family – and we welcome all 4ID veterans to join this Family.

15)  Reduced dues for active duty Soldiers – in 2007 we made the decision to permanently offer a reduced membership rate for our active duty Soldiers. Our best deal is a three year membership for $20 for E-5 and below or $25 for all others. One year memberships are available for $10 (all ranks), half the normal rate of $20 per year. Family members are encouraged to join as Associate members or share the membership of their Soldier. 

16) Three new membership options added in 2014

NEW!!  3-Year Veteran Memberships are available for fifty-five dollars ($55.00) and include the printed and mailed copy of the ‘Ivy Leaves’ and membership in the chapter of your choice. The 3-Year Memberships can be purchased either by mail or on the website.

NEW!!  E-Ivy 3-Year Veteran Memberships are available for forty-five dollars ($45.00) and include the ‘Electronic Ivy Leaves’ delivered by Email or at the ‘Members Only’ website page and membership in the chapter of your choice. E-Ivy 3-Year Veteran Memberships may be purchased on the Website Only.

NEW!!  The 'E-Life’ Veteran Memberships are Electronic ‘At Large’ Association Memberships. E-Life Memberships can be purchased On-Line for one hundred twenty-five dollars ($125.00). 
E-Life Veteran Memberships are available to any Active Duty Soldiers and Veterans who are eligible for regular membership in the Association and include: On-Line access for Life to the ‘Members Only’ page, including access to the Ivy Leaves magazine, On-Line Membership Directory search, and ALL the members’ only benefits. It includes membership in the Iron Horse Chapter while on Active Duty with the Division and Veterans have access to any chapter with 'Secondary' membership direct with the chapter of your choice if desired. The E-Life VeteranMemberships may be purchased on the Website Only.

As stated at the top – consider the 4ID Association as your “Rally Point”. Don’t put it off, join now. We need you and, in the future, you will find that you need to maintain contact with the fellow 4ID veterans and Families who shared the training and wartime experiences with you. The 4IDA is YOUR Association – join us. Steadfast and Loyal.

If you have questions or suggestions how the 4IDA can better support our Veterans and current Soldiers – feel free to contact our National President, Jerry Bumpus at Jerry welcomes the opportunity to talk to Veterans, Soldiers of any rank, as well as their Family members. 

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