Historian’s Corner


Historian’s Corner

By Bob Babcock, Past President/Historian

After serving as your president, I am honored to continue to serve as the 4IDA historian. My role now will be to focus on history of the entire 100 years of service by the 4ID. I am starting with three projects.

First, I have reprinted the 1920 book, History of the 4th Division in the World War, written by COL Christian Bach, the Chief of Staff during WWI. That book, in hard cover, can be purchased from the https://www.deedspublishing.com/ website. All profits from book sales will be reinvested into research and making more out of print books and other historic information and stories from all eras available to our members.

            My second project is to re-energize my focus on publishing a book – War Stories 2 – which will include your stories that you will send me from your service in World War II, Cold War, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and today’s mission in Eastern Europe. Please send your stories to me at babcock224@aol.com in a Microsoft Word document.

            Finally, starting in December of this year, I will run a “This Month in WWI” column that will be posted on the 4IDA website and also made available on the 4IDA Facebook page. It will summarize what our doughboy predecessors did during the first year of the life of the 4ID. We want the world to know the key role our division played as our nation observes the centennial of America’s involvement in World War I.