Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having any trouble with your Login or need any assistance, use the ‘Contact Us’ link on the Home page – choose the ‘Webmaster’ or 'Executive Director' category and send your request or problem, we will respond shortly.

Your member 'User Login' – ‘Username and Password’ give you access to the ‘Members Only’ section, with current and past issues of the Ivy Leaves Magazine, Photo Albums, Online members search, and the History Center. Also you will be able to view all the pages in the ‘About Us’ section which include contact information for all the National and Chapter officers and committee Chairmen. This detailed information is not available to the public who visit the site.

If we had your email address we inserted your contact information into the website database. At that time you should have received an automated email notice with your Username and a one-time Password to allow you to Login to the site and access your member account. Use the 'Request New Password' link to reset your password. For your Username, wherever possible without duplication, we used Last name and First Initial - example John Smith – username would be 'SmithJ' with no spaces and is case sensitive.

If we did not have an email address for you or if your email has changed, you will need to establish an online account for you to gain full access to the website. Use the ‘Contact Us’ link and send your request to establish your account to the ‘Webmaster’ or 'Executive Director'. Include your mailing address and chapter to expedite your request, we will respond shortly.

Once you have logged in, click on ‘My account’ then ‘Edit’ then ‘Profile’. Enter your detailed profile information and click ‘Save’ at the bottom. Once you have done that, you may select ‘Address’ to verify that your address is correct, edit or add as necessary and click ‘Save’ at the bottom. You may also change your username and/or password under the ‘Edit’ – ‘Account’ tab. Pick something you can readily remember.

There is so much information on the new site, so please take the time to go through each page of the website and become familiar with the content. Certainly contact the webmaster if you encounter anything that needs correcting. Visit the website often; we will keep updates coming your way.

Website FAQ’s

I cannot login and/or I forgot my password – Below the Login on the Home Page, you can “Request new password” When you click on the request – you will be directed to a page where you can enter your email address. If your email is in our system, it will send a new temporary password to your email address - your Username and the temporary password will let you Login. Then establish a new password and click ‘Save’ at the bottom, pick something you can remember.

I want to change / make my own password - Login, click on ‘My account’ then ‘Edit’ then ‘Account’. Enter your new password, confirm the password and click ‘Save’ at the bottom. Your new password is set up.

I want to change / make my own username - Login, click on ‘My account’ then ‘Edit’ then ‘Account’. Enter your new username and click ‘Save’ at the bottom. Your new username is set up.

My email address has changed – Login, click on ‘My account’ then ‘Edit’ then ‘Account’. Enter your new email and click ‘Save’ at the bottom. Your new email is now in the system.

I am a member and my email address was not in the data base - Use the 'Contact Us' link and send a request to the 'Webmaster' or 'Executive Director' and give your mailing address and chapter and we will respond shortly with your Login.

I am not in the OnLine Membership Directory - If you can't find yourself in the directory, it's because you still need to complete your profile information. To complete your profile, Login, click on 'My account', then 'Edit' and 'Profile' to enter your info and be found in the directory. Make sure we have your complete address in your file.

I need more help – At the “Contact Us” link on the main page – Send an email to the ‘Webmaster’ or 'Executive Director' with your question or problem, we will get back to you shortly.