4th Infantry Division Monuments

4ID Monument at the Combined Arms Center, Home of the Infantry and Armor on the ‘Walk of Honor’ site at the National Infantry Museum Ft. Benning, Georgia. Dedicated July 18, 2013. (above & below)

(above) 4ID Field of Honor Monument at Manhart Field, Ft Carson, Colorado.
Dedicated December 14, 2012.

4th Infantry Division OIF Memorial at Ft Hood, Texas – was first Dedicated in September 2004,  re-dedicated  after OIF 05-06 in May 2007, and re-dedicated again after OIF 07-09 in May 2009. Over 450 fallen Ironhorse soldiers who died in Iraq are memorialized on the monument. (above & below)

This statue is part of the memorial at Ft Hood and was made from two giant bronze statues of Saddam Hussein, captured in Iraq by the the 4th Infantry Division, were melted down by an Iraqi artist to make a memorial to their fallen comrades. The cost of the memorial was paid for by donations from Ivy Soldiers, 4ID Association members and businesses and citizens from Central Texas and beyond.

Arlington National Cemetery – Dedicated in July 2001 this monument is located on Memorial Drive at the entrance to the Cemetery. (above)

Arlington National Cemetery – A Kousa Dogwood tree is planted in Section 21 of ANC in honor of the 4th Infantry Division. The memorial marker and the original Norway Spruce planting was dedicated July 1, 1993. (above) Photo courtesy of Fred Clinton

Utah Beach, Normandy France – WWII

Brieulles, France
WWI (1918) – This monument marks the Meuse-Argonne campaign area of northern France.
D164  Brieulles-sur-Meuse, Lorraine

Fismes, France
WWI (1918) – This monument marks the Aisne-Marne campaign area of northeast France.
E46 Fismes

Manhuelles, France
WWI (1918) – This monument marks the St. Mihiel campaign region of France.
D903 Manheulles, Lorraine